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Sealing the Deal in Under 30 Seconds
Updated 2018-10-19

As part of ensuring students have a wholesome education at The One Academy, Wan Hazmer from Metronomik was invited to conduct a workshop with a group of students to help them harness skills that would be useful in the working world. His workshop titled ‘How to Make an Elevator Pitch?’ gave students the chance to grasp basics of presentation skills as well as some gain insider insight on the gaming world and work culture.

The challenge was to pitch a video game idea to Hazmer in under 30 seconds and gain his approval. Hazmer highlighted the importance of incorporating user experience when coming up with a concept for video games. However, user experience is not something that is taught, it is something that needs to be experienced. One will know that they nailed user experience when the audience does not know what medium your content will be on. They will be focused on the experience only. Hazmer then imparted some information to the students on how to nail the perfect elevator pitch. “Harness the power of ‘why’”, he stated. The answer to why is usually tied in together with fulfilling the user experience.

Besides that, he also said to utilize the team’s strengths. When preparing for a pitch, identify and use each of the team member’s strengths as different individuals would have something diverse to bring to the table. Use individuality to come up with a winning pitch. Hazmer relayed that one of his favourite phrases picked up during his time in Japan is ‘Tekizai-Tekisho’ which means bringing the right people to the right place. “Putting the right people in the right places to let them grow and thrive is the key to success”, he said.

Thirdly, Hazmer explained that any good idea which you want to pitch should be made into a two-page spread. The two-page spread should include the title of your concept, the sub headings describing it and visuals to accompany. His other two tips include being naturally excited and narrate culture with relevance.

One of the first things noticed during a pitch is demeanor and body language. If you present your idea with an unenthusiastic and shy body language, it can come off as being unprepared. Therefore, aim to present with a naturally excited demeanor.

Hazmer also highlighted the prominence of the culture in Malaysia. “We can’t beat the Japanese and Westerners in terms of work culture and technology, however we have culture”, he said. Use the culture widely available and narrate it with relevance, you will be sure to succeed. Avoid making the two main mistakes which is being not proud of your own culture and secondly, being too proud of your own culture. Find the balance and own it.

The fruitful session wrapped up with Wan Hazmer speaking a little about his game development company Metronomik and encouraging students to not give up pursuing their dream in the journey of gaining knowledge.

Sealing the Deal in Under 30 Seconds

Sealing the Deal in Under 30 Seconds

Sealing the Deal in Under 30 Seconds

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