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Co-Creator Of "Kucing Happy' On How To Find Your Happy Place In The Industry
Updated 2018-03-05

If you’re not familiar with Kucing Happy, you are truly missing out. Featuring a witty and cynical talking cat who gives advices for a wide range of topics from politics to lifestyle to the bewildered citizens of Malaysia, Kucing Happy was the internet sensation of 2015. To the delight of The One Academy students, its co-creator, director and producer Derrik Yaw from Graph Studio stopped by to talk about his work, life and passion.

With an accumulated experience of about 10 years in the industry, Derrik has jumped around and worked in advertising, agencies, graphic department, fashion house and production, among other sectors, before founding Graph Studio, an award-winning film production & advertising studio.

He emits a persona that is down-to-earth and friendly, yet brimming with leadership qualities. He was grateful when he was made director because that was his goal all along. Having travelled plenty of paths before finally reaching success, Derrik wondered if his “cliché” tips and tricks really matter to students.

“It is true that I’ve been to talks and seminars, and I find out that most of them don’t really matter at the end of the day because it is all about yourself,” he said. “All you need to do is focus on your strength and passion, and ask yourself what got you enrolled in the first place – your core passion,” he added, not realising he was parting valuable advice.

Derrik understands that there must be plenty of questions going through students’ minds in regards to future employment and paths to choose. If they were to chase for material rewards, they are not going to be happy. For himself, he only started doing something he really liked many years later which is starting his own production company. But the years he spent before weren’t a total waste because he was able to build networks and friendships that help his business.

As his most successful campaign, Kucing Happy won the studio many awards and recognition, allowing the business to grow and earned him bigger clients like AirAsia and U Mobile. But after the project got too repetitive, he started pursuing other projects. “Once you’re happy with something, go beyond that. Always search for something fresh and new because “new ways bring new things”, Derrik advised.

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