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Five Global Recognition Awards at Tokyo
Updated 2012-01-16
Five submissions of Malaysian youths contended in the recent Asiagraph 2011 Award which was held in Tokyo. The participants from The One Academy achieved a skyrocketing victory and recognition, nabbing at the global industry competition.

The 2011 Asiagraph received entries submitted by many Asian countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and more; facing international critics of the professional industry. Participants' works will receive worldwide recognition as it is one of industries' most prestigious awards in the richness of digital animation industry. Yet another achievement once more bagged by The One Academy students, thanks to the world class result oriented teaching approach that is often emphasized through The One Academy's 'Masters Train Masters' philosophy.

Under the Division I: CG Art Gallery (public subscription for CG Arts) category of the Asiagraph event, two respectable digital animation professionals from The One Academy nabbed a place; project titled GUNNM by Tommy Wong won Excellent Works followed by Runner-Up Chin Kuan Win for his work entitled Tourer.

In the student category of Division II: CG Animation Theatre (public subscription for animation), three dynamic Digital Animation teams of students also submitted their work and seized a place. The winning group UMBRACUBE that won Winning Works title consists of Kok Yip Sun, Wan De Ming, Yong Yuk Lun, Yee Gee Hau, Wong Kok Wai and Thung Hui Hong of the animation entitled Chopped. The animation was inspired an international 2D painting with 3D perspective artwork which they came across during research. They incorporated an Asian and vintage element into the characters.

Students wasn't just taught to create a masterpiece, but also learned to problem solve boldly in a critical situation. "During the process of preparing Chopped- the animation, we faced a couple of challenges thru the transition of 2D outlook to a 3D form. As time was running out, we did not fret instead we found a solution, thanks to the teachings at The One Academy where we learned how to hold on to the traditional methods of sculpting. Problem solved immediately!" expressed the team, UMBRACUBE.

For other student groups; the Runner Ups are-LAST JUMP for project titled Red Myst consist of Wong Yong Taik, Jonathan Chong See How, Jason Pua Cheng Sim, Tneh Sau Keong, Mohd. Hafiz bin Faizal and Randy Robin Galiban; and group BUS SQUEEZE for project entitled My Monster Roomate whicn consist of team members Marianne Tan, Emmalynn Yam, Amanina Syamimi and Shereender Kaur.

The students always produced qualifying impressive masterpieces. They believed in themselves and are opened to criticisms, opinions and ideas. As reflected by The One Academy’s tagline, The One Academy students and its graduates are a shining example of Just World Class Results!