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Winning Kancil Awards for 9 years in a row!
Updated 2017-05-12

The One Academy students won the Kancil Awards Student Category for 9 consecutive years. The revamped competition may be more difficult and have a shorter deadline but these minor setbacks did not stop our students from clinching the Bronze and Merit Award. The One Academy is, in fact, the only college that has made it to the finals of The Kancil Awards this year!

For the Kancil Awards, all students were given a brief to come up with a concept to promote Asia through AirAsia in 24 days. Chiew Yen Ming (Lucas), Daniel Ng Tien Poh, Sheila Jessica, Wong Wuii Tsing and Wong Ze Bin responded to the challenge with a unique concept that was hard to look away from. With the challenging economic climate looming at us, Chiew and his team mates created a relevant advertising campaign that could be the heart’s cry of avid travellers – ‘Why Go Extreme to Save Money on Travel?’

Pushing the boundaries of the norm, the team challenged the notion that is derived from this question – how far would anyone of us go to save on our travelling expenditure? The idea mushroomed to a main concept – extremism, as demonstrated through various concept boards and a Youtube viral video of a man who packed his girlfriend in a compact suitcase and tried to smuggle her through the airport but finally got caught. The luggage was meticulously modified to allow viewers a glimpse of what is in the luggage.

The uniqueness of the main storyline along with its other accompanying mini stories stole the hearts of judges Prem Kumar Vasudevan, Creative Director of AirAsia; Lee Tak Shune, Creative Director from BBDO Malaysia; Barry Victor, Creative Group Head from Leo Burnett Malaysia; Heng Thang Wei, Group Head (art), Grey Group Malaysia; and Jack Tan, Senior Creative Director at Forefront International SB.

“We believe that in order to win, we must be daring and do things that the others don’t dare to do. While having ideas and concepts are fundamentals in producing an interesting campaign, if you don’t take that leap of faith, nothing will happen,” said Lucas, whom, on behalf of his group members, thanked their dedicated lecturers Mr. Kins Lee and Mr. Henry Lee for their guidance.

Merit Award winner Lee Xin Yi and her team mates Khor Eng Giap, Adrian Wei Kit, Tee Jin Ting and Loh Zi Jian were the other team who made The One Academy proud. Centering their campaign around leaping bunnies, their concept is centralised around travel hopping around Asia.

“We are proud that despite all the challenges that our students faced this year as the turf of the Kancil Awards has changed, making it more difficult for us to win but yet, our students still come up top this year. It is through the most trying times that the quality of our education methods prevail and we are proud to say that the results that we’ve reaped so far has been consistent with our belief and our teaching system,” says Tatsun Hoi, Founder and Principal of The One Academy.

[The One Academy of Communication Design was established in 1991 with the aim of promoting the region as the world’s center of creative reference. Strategically located in the thriving creative hub of Bandar Sunway, Selangor, with a branch in Georgetown, Penang, The One Academy is today a top notch leading international institute in art, design and creative multimedia, renowned with graduates who steer successful careers in creative capitals worldwide. The courses offered are Multimedia Design with Digital Media and Interactive Design, Digital Animation with Game Development, Film Visual Effects, Illustration, Movie & Game Art, Advertising & Graphic Design, Interior Design, Paris Fashion Design & Pattern Making and Fine Arts.]