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Not All Heroes Wear Capes
Updated 2017-04-26

To help raise more funds for WWF-Malaysia, The One Academy students recently transformed The Gardens Mall’s ground floor into an art gallery with their installation ‘Plastic: The Silent Killer’ which aims to convey to the public how our lifestyle is endangering the wildlife. This is in collaboration with The Gardens Mall’s 4th annual charity run event ‘Mid Valley City Charity Run’.

Their project features the leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) which is the largest of all living turtles. Due to exploitation, habitat loss, irresponsible fishing and pollution, the turtles that were once abundant are now an endangered species. Due to their crucial role for regulating marine ecosystem, their decline in numbers has been worrying marine biologists and animal rights groups.

Leatherbacks are also highly susceptible to the human waste that is plastic. Studies have shown that plastic bags, jugs, bottles and even balloons are mistaken for jellyfish, squid and tunicates, hence are ingested and become their main cause of death. Besides that, sea turtles can become entangled in plastic and trash both on the shore and in the ocean that can kill them.

The sculpture portrays the harshness of waves or tsunami barraging down on a helpless leatherback, symbolising extinction of the turtles. The sculpture was created using discarded plastic materials that are used daily, contributing to the excess of plastic wastes. With marine debris and plastic pollution spreading everywhere into marine habitat and affecting the food chain, this sculpture creates the awareness about how discarded plastic materials are slowly and silently killing the sea turtles.

Fundamentally, it is up to ourselves to take responsibility and help preserve sea turtles and their future generations for as long as it takes. This can be done by changing our consumer behavior and being smart with the things we choose to use in daily life. Also, the students have also done a remarkable job at highlighting this issue and helped make an impact to the lives of many wildlife.

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