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International Award for Animation
Updated 2017-05-04

The One Academy students have once again made the institution proud and also elevated its prestige as a world-class art and design college through their great achievements. This time, eleven students have won the 10th ASIAGRAPH CG Art Gallery – Division II: “CG Animation Theatre” award at the ASIAGRAPH2016 in Tokyo with their animation Tooth Candy.

The One Academy students who coined themselves as the Tumbleweed Production Crew bested international works from other countries - Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey and Israel. The students are Eng Hong Yin, Wan Daniel, Shu Yun, Rociel, Jo Leong, Johnathan Hong, Esther Yong, Chai Hong Chang, Loi Heng Yeap, Nixon Tiong and Cliff Tan.

Tooth Candy follows the story of a tooth fairy on a quest to retrieve his rightful tooth from a child who faced many obstacles, including the child’s snot and goo, along the way. The entertaining 3-minute animation may seem like a simple school project to the average viewer, but in reality took months of effort, planning and execution to be completed.

Before being able to create the animation, the students have been through years of training in all aspects of animation, allowing them to take on the roles of director, animator, line producer, 3D modeler, illustrator, art director, head of story, storyboard artist, rigger, editor, compositor, renderer and VFX artist just for Tooth Candy itself. This proves the well-rounded teaching syllabus of The One Academy that is continuously creating industry-competent graduates.

ASIAGRAPH is an event comprising of science, art and exhibition for practising Asian researchers and creators to gather together and present their unique and advanced works. This exchange of knowledge aims to further develop the diverse Asian cultures and also showcase outstanding and unique digital content that are created with equal parts of art and technology.

CG Art Gallery is a competition category organised by ASIAGRAPH as an art exhibition platform that “encourages the cross-border exchange between excellent CG artists”, while also nurturing and promoting Asian creations and industry. In this category, CG expression which is unique to Asia that are also visually attractive are valued.

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