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International Advertising Experts Keep The One Academy Students Up To Trend
Updated 2017-03-13
Lefebure delivering her keynote about graphic design titled ‘Design Your Life’ during Masterclass at Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil.

A recent international digital media arts Masterclass was organised by The One Academy which hosted a number of experts from the Advertising and Graphic Design field to impart advertising advises, and essentially life lessons to students of The One Academy. The highlights were speakers Pum Lefebure and Kevin Lee.

Lefebure is the chief creative officer and co-founder of an award-winning graphic design firm in Washington, DC. Thanks to her successful campaigns and charismatic personality, she has been featured in many media platforms including Forbes, Huffington Post and Entrepreneur. At the Masterclass, she conducted a class in design thinking that walked students through the industry pipeline.

Also another highlight was Kevin Lee, the executive creative director of Leagas Delaney, China, an agency which constantly creates groundbreaking works, winning awards such as One Show, Cannes, D&AD and many other advertising competitions. He has worked for countless product categories. One of his most impressive achievements was “Run Free” Nike that is the second most-awarded print campaign in the world.

Based on their teachings, it seems that advertising has become a crucial cultural aspect of our livelihood that serves to remind us to be a better person, and for that we have to thank them, the creative minds behind the scenes. Perhaps advertising experts are great at what they do simply because they are able to see how connected life is to their work, and are able to put those lessons in a presentable format for everyone to comprehend.

Through the institution’s ‘Masters Train Masters’ philosophy, international experts are curated to impart industrious insights to The One Academy students, allowing them to become some of world’s most outstanding creative professionals as proven by consistent track record of its graduates who are making waves in the industry.

The global advertising revenue has been consistently increasing since 2009 until 2016. With an estimated revenue of $660 billion in US dollars in 2016, there is no doubt that the expanding market will require more advertising talents to assist in growing the sector and making it more lucrative.

With positions like Design Director, Creative Director, Executive Creative Director, Art Director, Production Manager and many others waiting to be filled, career opportunities will be abound for fresh graduates who wish to have a healthy and comfortable lifestyle supported by above average income range.

But above material gains, what is obvious through their Masterclasses is that experience in life is the best requirement for good advertising. Both of the professionals are also undoubtedly surrounded by love, including the love for what they do. This is the kind of rare experience and message that The One Academy tries to impart to students time and again for a fulfilling learning experience.

Lefebure conducting her Masterclass ‘Design Thinking Now’ at The One Academy.

Kevin shares his experience as a creative professional in China during Masterclass.