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The One Academy Stays Relevant with Top-Notch Multimedia & Interactive Media Design Programmes
Updated 2017-03-21
Visitors of an exhibition playing an interactive hologram pyramid game Megan by Pixel Visual which is controlled with a mobile phone using a downloaded application, combining entertainment, art and technology.

Technology is getting more sophisticated today, giving birth to a robust, fast-paced and ever-changing digital era which sees the world being hooked to their mobile platforms such as phones, tablets or even phablets. Because being engaged to these mobile platforms has become such a necessity in the society in both working and personal environments, the demand for digital content and digital experience have grown tremendously to provide for a target audience who has increasingly short attention span and leads a busy lifestyle.

Recognising this growth in demand, The One Academy, one of the world’s best art & design college, offers advanced, industry-driven digital media design courses at both degree and diploma levels. At a more basic level, students are offered the Diploma in Multimedia with New Media & Interactive Design where students grasp the nature and basics of relevant subjects before putting their skills to practice through real-industry projects such as Digital Photography, Web Design for Communication, Video Production & Practices, Digital Storytelling & Animation, Design Methodology and Multimedia Campaigns, just to name a few.

On the other hand, students who meet basic minimum requirements and want a more advanced or specialised challenge could opt for BA (HONS) Interactive Media Design, a degree level programme offered by The One Academy in partnership with the top-notch University of Hertfordshire from the United Kingdom, whom have offered 150 years of excellent quality UK education. Because of this partnership, students who want to take up this advanced degree need not do so overseas, therefore saving other costs such as transportation, food, accommodation and other living expenses which are usually incurred when studying abroad.

In degree course, students get to learn more in depth skills, tools and processes needed to create digital images, video, animation and sound while studying the making of interactive media through subjects such as Content Management for Network and Mobile Media and 2D Animation & Video Practices.

At the end of the day, these courses place students at the heart of the experience and focus on design and content creation in areas such as mobile apps, games, websites, interactive installations, next generation advertising and social media. Therefore, students are exposed to the latest design practice and forthcoming media technology and innovation to stay relevant to the industry.

This 25-year-old college, The One Academy, is committed to its ‘Masters Train Masters’ coaching philosophy, since its establishment whereby industry experts from all over the world are brought in to teach the students their craft and experience as practised in the real industry. In these courses, the creative institution appointed experts from multimedia and interactive media design industry from time to time and hold master classes so that students have the opportunity to absorb invaluable knowledge which will be useful for their career advancement in future.

The One Academy has also engaged Asia's most reputable Digital Media & Interactive Media Designer Cheang Lin Yew as The One Academy’s Digital Media & Interactive Media Design Course Director. Cheang also co-found Hyperthesis Visual Lab, a New Zealand based multi-discipline design studio and Super Nature Design, a Shanghai based multi-discipline design company which specialises in interactive design, visual communication & media technology.

Upon graduation from the diploma course, graduates will have a vast career options locally and internationally as a Production Coordinator/ Director, Mobile Interface Designer, Multimedia Entrepreneur, Social Media Strategist, UX User Experience Designer, Video Editor/ Compositor/ visual Effects Editor, Motion Graphic Designer, Art Director/ Creative Group Head/ Executive Creative Director and more.

On the other hand, upon completion of their degree course, graduates can advance to the next stage of life as Digital/ Interactive Designer, Multimedia Designer, Game Designer, Digital/ Interactive Creative Director, User Interface Designer/ UI Designer, Information Architect, Digital/ Interactive Art Director and more.

All these career opportunities will be abound for fresh graduates who will be needed to contribute to the global entertainment and media industry with a projected value of $2.14 trillion in U.S. dollars in 2020. In a lucrative market, hardworking professionals of the industry are rewarded with above average income along with a comfortable lifestyle.

Arcade: A visitor playing with an arcade game created by The One Academy’s Interactive Multimedia Design graduate during an exhibition.

Visitors and students controlling a robot with their mobile phones as they seek to understand the functions of a Arduino board at The One Academy.