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Professional Animators from ILM and Pixar Inspire with Industry-Driven Teaching Methods!
Updated 2012-01-16
Jointly-organised by The One Academy and MSC Malaysia, the Advanced Professional Animation Seminar gathered animators on this great opportunity to meet and greet Shawn Kelly and Carlos Baena in Kuala Lumpur at the Technology Park Bukit Jalil.
The 3-day advanced professional animation seminar event gathered professional and budding animators to be empowered and boosted in their existing skills to rise in creating a believable animation that captures the audience with the best entertaining performance.

As it is the second time for Transformers 1, 2 & 3 Lead Animator, Shawn Kelly in Malaysia; this time around, the seminar also featured Carlos Baena, a Professional Animator from Pixar Animation Studios to bring the seminar to a whole new different level to share a more advanced knowledge to the Malaysian participants. Carlos Baena is known for his work for films like Ratatouille, Toy Story 3, Finding Nemo and his signature style in animating characters' emotions & antics creatively in scenes of Cars with two Italian cars, Guido & Luigi, and in Ratatouille where he worked on chief villain Skinner. He was nominated for a 2007 Annie Award for Best Character Animation for his work on the 2006 movie Cars.

The seminar ensured that students are being enlightened with knowledge through the philosophy of Masters Train Masters while the professionals help the students thoroughly by pointing out the areas that they are good in and what they need to further improve on. Using an industry driven teaching method, the speakers guided the students to understand the sidelines of the common mistakes and misconceptions that are usually faced in the career of animation. "Animation is a form of art that is created for everybody to see. You need to know if you are able to influence an audience's emotions with your characters; that's when you know if you are good or not," Kelly emphasized.

The speakers expressed that it is great to have prominent animators or giant studios like ILM & Pixar Animation Studios to be able to influenced budding animators on skills that they can master on and pursue that particular career pathway. Following the advanced professional seminar, the speakers also shared with The One Academy students too at the TGV Sunway Pyramid hall. The students enjoyed Carlos Baena's comical speech and knowledgeable topics shared by Shawn Kelly. "The feeling of being able to be such an inspiration to aspiring animators is overwhelming and to be able to teach advanced topics provides so much excitement during the seminar," shared Baena.

As a top leading international creative art & design institution, The One Academy leads with an objective to continuously motivate creative youths to move forward by providing the best knowledge with its ‘Masters Train Masters teaching philosophy. "The One Academy focuses a lot on the art and they are definitely teaching the right skills. They guide their students on how to enhance characters with art and creativity and bring them to life with the computer software tools. I am impressed with how the academy is focusing on these important areas and they are definitely on the right track!" assured Kelly. Hence, when it comes to providing top creative design education, The One Academy is always geared up into proactive collaboration to provide masters to train future masters with world-class collaboration event.