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AdVolution – Evolution of Advertising
Updated 2015-11-12
With the rapid evolution of technologies nowadays contributing to the ever-changing advertising environment, advertising practitioners should be quick to adapt, according to award-winning Dentsu Utama Executive Creative Director Chow Kok Keong.

The digital platform is thriving and because of that, understanding and being part of the creative digital communication is essential. With that, even the creative team’s working structure has subsequently changed, as The One Academy Advertising and Multimedia students learnt. While advertising only comprised of an art director and a copywriter in the past, now, a digital art director and programmer should be included as part of the team too in order to create a whole campaign which includes both creative communication and digital execution strategies. After a brief overview on the current advertising atmosphere in Malaysia, students had the opportunity to learn from invaluable award-wining campaigns shared by Kok Keong such as Nivea Sunblock, UTEC billboard which produces drinking water, British Airways Interactive Billboard, Message Alert Bookmark and Hope & Solace Cardvertising.

When there are too much information on job brief, communication with clients may turn complicated. “Less is more” is what Kok Keong always believes in when it comes to communication. “The more you talk, the less people will remember”, Kok Keong said. Chow was fortunate as he learnt an invaluable lesson from his mentor – something called the Single Minded Brief and passed it on to The One Academy students; a Single Minded Brief summarises all the important key elements needed to create an ad campaign: Target group [Who are you talking to, Key message (What do you want to say about your product?), Reason to believe (Why do consumers believe in you?) Media (Where is the most relevant media touch point?)].

Being in the advertising industry for a long time can be draining but there is a way to keep the passion in the job. Kok Keong advised the creative students to keep on learning and pushing. He himself was so committed to the creative industry, that when he was still under 35, he trained himself to wake up at 3 a.m. three times a week and then stay awake for an hour just to get creative ideas.

Following The One Academy students’ theoretical learnings of the advertising field, it was time to put their hands together and apply what they’ve learnt in the workshop that same evening. The different teams received a brief and broke into 2 main groups in each team – Advertising and Multimedia as the advertising groups were to work on the creative communication idea while the multimedia groups were to work on the digital execution, just like how it is structured in a creative agency. Chow was amongst those who gave his feedback on how the ideas by the students could be further improved and it was an encouraging session for all students who were present.

All in all, the students had a great learning experience during their Master Lecture with Chow, who had shared invaluable insights in the advertising field which they can take away as part of their long-term learning experience and prepare them better for the demanding advertising world.

“In the Malaysian advertising industry today, the industry faces many challenges mainly because there is an incredible shortage of talents and those who stay do not have enough passion to persevere in this career,” said Chow.

“Therefore, it is important that through seminar as such, students start receiving their knowledge early and are groomed about the essentials in the advertising world so that they are more mentally ready to face their dream career and succeed,” said The One Academy Founder and Principal Tatsun Hoi.

Dentsu Utama Executive Creative Director Chow Kok Keong conducting a Master Lecture at The One Academy recently.

Dentsu Utama Executive Creative Director Chow Kok Keong teaching The One Academy Advertising and Multimedia students recently.

Dentsu Utama Executive Creative Director Chow Kok Keong giving feedback to The One Academy Advertising and Multimedia students during a workshop conducted recently.

The One Academy Advertising and Multimedia students shout with joy at the end of the Master Lecture and Workshop by Dentsu Utama Executive Creative Director Chow Kok Keong. Also in the picture, The One Academy Creative Director Chan Kon Loong and other lecturers.