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Multimedia Designers Conquers Best Casual Games Award
Updated 2011-02-22
Yet another winning glory for The One Academy graduates who created the game 'Reachin Pichin, P'ng Yi Wei, Tee Zhe Yen and Lydia Ho Lee Wei of team Kurechii nabbed Best Casual Games under professional games category in MSC Malaysia's Kre8tif! Industry Award.

The team said it was an amazing experience winning the Kre8tif! Industry Award, which aimed to recognise creative excellence and professionals for their contribution to the creative industry in areas such as digital arts, visual effects, games and the emerging media.

"When we started working on the game, our major goal was only to complete it and draw our target audience to it so that it can be enjoyed by many gamers possible. Having Reachin' Pichin awarded is a solid reminder that we gave our all into the production of the game and hence a great pay off to our effort." said Yi Wei, adding that winning the competition was a huge motivation to the team to work harder in more future game projects.

Undoubtedly, the creative spirit showcased by Yi Wei and his team mates shone through with their diligence and ingenuity input to their game creation. "What made us win is probably the fresh twist to the upgrading-concept based casual game, short and simple story flow, clean art direction, and last but not least the game itself that hooks on you and never let you go!"

The team had previously won a RM50,000 grant by MSC Malaysia in MSC Malaysia Intellectual Property Creators Challenge (IPCC) in which they used to develop the game Reachin’ Pichin. "The grant not only helped us financially but also in terms of gaining knowledge as we have mentoring sessions once a month."

The team advised that in order to be successful, one must keep an open mind as multimedia design consists of many aspects; from visualisation to animation, to videos and user consideration. "Though we might specialise our skills in certain aspect it is essential to get updated with everything related to the media. To sum it up, we need to go out and experience! Don't be ignorant, be inspired! Don't be afraid to try, because learning never hurts," Yi Wei added.

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