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Celebrating Artistry with Creative October
Updated 2015-11-06

The One Academy’s Interior Architecture & Design students took the opportunity to stretch their creative minds and bulk up on their defensive skills during the Creative October month organised by The One Academy’s School of Interior Design.

As an annual initiative to promote the field of design and architecture, some eventful workshops that were organised include ‘Terrariums Workshop’, ‘Clay Adventure Workshop’ and ‘Self-defense Workshop’. They were held in three consecutive days, ensuring a fun and relaxed learning experience before the month ends.

The 2-hour long ‘Terrariums Workshop’ saw students excitingly but carefully assembling their own terrariums in a medium-sized glass bowl using brown soil, multicolored pebbles, succulents, green moss, fern and aloe vera plants. They were also provided with miniature animal figures such as dinosaurs, bears and tigers to beautify their terrariums.

The guest host for the event, ‘Tiny Forest’, also provided participants with necessary tools to assemble the mini ecosystems, such as brushes, spoons, and small-sized shovels. At the end of the workshop, students brought home their self-made terrariums that serve as living ornaments, adding extra vitality into the energy of any given room.

Relevant to Interior Design, students learned how the functions of respective layers work together to form an ecosystem, besides inspiring them on how to devise the best designs using limited time and natural resources.

Student participant Saw Huei Yin stated that the act of assembling terrariums can cultivate a higher level of patience.

The workshop on terrariums also caused a therapeutic effect, noticeably among students who were joyfully chatting away with friends during the activity. “I was feeling stressful from doing my homeworks, but this gave me free time to do what I want,” said Kauselyah Sathia Moorthi, another participant. “This activity is really fun. The One Academy should do this a lot more oftern,” she added.

Students were introduced to various methods and techniques relative to the making of pottery and ceramics in the ‘Clay Adventure Workshop’ at Clay Expression, Subang Jaya. Participants worked according to their own pace and also chose the practical techniques they prefer.

This workshop provided students with the ability to make judgements about the aesthetic quality of potteries and also master the basic skills in making them. The relaxed studio environment and informal teaching style adopted by the hosts gave students the time and freedom to experiment with their imagination.

Besides artistry, the ‘Self Defense Workshop’ prioritised safety and security among the students and staff of Interior Design Department. Students got highly physical during the early learning stages of the Art of Yoshinkan Aikido, a martial art originating from Japan. Held at Aikido Shudokan, the workshop aimed to teach students and staff self-defense techniques, preparing them for possibly dangerous situations such as theft and assault.

A student focusing on making and designing her pottery from scratch at ‘Clay Adventure Workshop’.

Gathering of pottery and ceramics made by students of Interior Architecture & Design, The One Academy.

A student in the process of constructing circular patterns on her pottery at ‘Clay Adventure Workshop’.

Live demonstration by dojo master at Aikido Shudokan during ‘Self Defense Workshop’.

An Interior Design student setting up her terrarium during the ‘Terrariums Workshop’.

Students’ beautifully assembled terrariums of the day.

Students having fun at ‘Terrariums Workshop’.