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Gold, Silver & Bronzes at Kancil Awards signify the Exceptional Creativity of The One Academy Students
Updated 2015-04-13

It is now 7th consecutive winnings for The One Academy students, with Gold, Silver, 2 Bronzes and 2 Merits seized this year. Once again, The One Academy students have retained their leading position as the biggest winner in Kancil Awards! With bold and sophisticated ideas, it is proven that The One Academy’s consistent industry-driven teaching approach has succeeded in delivering World Class Results.

Giving due recognition to great ideas, people and agencies, besides seeking new talents with fresh creative minds throughout the past 30 years, the prestigious Kancil Awards has been the most prominent creative advertising award in Malaysia. Organised by none other than the professional body of the industry, Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Malaysia (4As), it certainly is the biggest and most eye-catching event of the industry.

The Kancil Student Awards 2014 was sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken. Based on the request of KFC as the mock client, the brief stated that although KFC is a long-established fast food chain, it is no longer the default choice hangout place for youngsters nowadays. Thanks to its perception as a boring ‘family-type’ restaurant, its marketing campaigns or sponsored events are largely neglected, therefore no longer the first choice anymore. Participants were thus required to create a campaign that could turn it around and inspire youngsters to hangout in KFC outlets.

With a vast amount of entries, a great number of creatives were appointed to sit in the panel of jury, Gigi Lee (Y&R), Chow Kok Keong (TBWA Kuala Lumpur), Eric Cruz (Leo Burnett), Huang Ean Hwa (MerdekaLHS), Iska Hashim (Leo Burnett), Janet Lee (95Percent), Mun Tuck Wai (munmovesmountains), Vijay Anand (Creative Juice Kuala Lumpur). Creative filmmakers such as Tan Chui Mui (Da Huang Pictures) and The One Academy graduate Dick Chua (D1 Production) were included too!

The brilliant submissions by The One Academy students stole the limelight as members of the jury were truly impressed with their extraordinary creativity. Standing at the frontline as the grand victors, Advertising and Graphic Design graduating students Stephanie Yeoh Pei Yee, Shim Poh Ling, Ho Shiau Huai, Lee Hui Ru, Low Ching Hong and Low Yee Wen were crowned with the highly coveted Gold Award with their exhilarating entry ‘KFC, BUCKETful of Surprise’. Based on the iconic Bucket, they have created an array of interesting branding activities, collectibles and games to drive sales, even a proposal to redesign the stores.

During the presentation, KFC’s General Manager of Marketing Kelvin Hong Kim Hoong was amazed and pleasantly impressed since the bucket was a treasured intellectual property of KFC over the years, yet many didn’t make good use of it. Carina Teo, Creative Director at the agency of KFC, BBDO/Proximity, who was also one of the judges, applauded the Gold Award team for ‘Identifying the bucket as the KFC icon, and proposed fun events around it. ’ Concurring, Michelle Achuthan, Managing Director of BBDO/Proximity and Head of Knowledge Management, 4As, affirmed that it’s ‘A strong singular idea!’ It is noteworthy that some members of this team were part of a team winning Bronze in 2013.

One of the two Silvers also went to another team from The One Academy, comprised of Lee Tzong Han, Steven Felix Puwandi, Hooi Kah Suit, Ang Tze Ping, Wong Hui Tong, Angela Ong Ann Chyi. Titled ‘Kentucky Friends Circle’, their campaign centred on a social media app that could only add new friends while connected through WiFi network in KFC outlets, as a form of loyalty reward. KFC’s Kelvin commended their effort as the concept enhanced KFC’s positioning as a family-oriented restaurant where social values always occupied a central place.

Of the three Bronzes given, one each has gone to students of The One Academy Bandar Sunway campus and Penang campus. The first was won by Chin Li Hao, Gabriel Hardin, Jawagar Samidurai, Marissa Lim Yee Ying, Wong Tsu Ann and Eva Yap with their campaign ‘KFC Code Hunt’, while our Georgetown-based students Nelson Chong Tze Suean, Winnie Lee Chiao En, Tan Jia Huoy, Leong Ling Pei and Yam Yee Ling grabbed the other with their amazing entry ‘#JomKFC’.

Contributing the submission ‘It's KFC Time’, the Bandar Sunway team of Yap Chi Cheng, Gan Hwei Hng, Chin Foong Ling, Ngooi Su Hwa, Joshua Lim Jing Hua and Kevin Jia Chyi Low has won a Merit. On the other hand, Koh Sui Jane, Lee Kim Gaik, Lee Lye Tee, Lim Tiong Eng, Lim Yew Chiang, Rachel Leong ZiQing and Yeoh Wan Shin from our Northern campus decided to transform public’s perception on KFC with their campaign ‘The New KFC’ and brought home another Merit.

The proud winners were grateful for their top-notch creative education at the academy. As mentioned by member of the Gold-winning team Stephanie Yeoh, “Eventhough the idea had potential, the winning was unexpected as many teams came up with similar ideas too. We wouldn’t have done it without the guidance of our lecturers Mr. Kins Lee and Mr. Henry Lee, who kept us motivated and strengthen our confidence in executing the idea. Every member was cooperative and worked extremely hard. Since each member had own strengths and played her part efficiently in bringing the idea to life, the absence of any member would have left a huge impact on the final outcome!”

With a total of 6 medals, students of The One Academy retained their leading position in the Students category. Boasting 48 medals in 7 consecutive years, The One Academy will enhance the highly reputed industry-driven syllabus and practical coaching approach, to ensure that students are offered the best guidance in idea generation and crafting, to break into the exceedingly competitive global creative industry as an all-rounder!

With this positive mindset, it is no wonder that the big players in the creative field often seek for The One Academy talents, who are equipped with exceptional creativity and the right attitude to spearhead a bright career! Undoubtedly, the Kancil Award has become an annual celebration for the out-of-the-box thinkers as they commemorate yet another successful conquering of Malaysia’s biggest advertising festival! Great applause to The One Academy talents!