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Tapping into the Rich Resources of Our Library!
Updated 2014-12-24

The library is the treasure of knowledge. To cultivate a reading and thinking culture among the students, The One Academy Library has once again organised a fun-filled Library Week to drive home the importance of reading.

Books are the source for a variety of knowledge. Besides as reference for assignments, reading also widens one's horizon as we get to obtain the insights and experiences of others. As such, among the events lined up for Library Week included Book Sales by Basheer and The Other Bookstores. Entitled to special discount, students seized the opportunity to add interesting books into their collection.

In line with the highly acclaimed Masters Train Masters teaching philosophy, two talks were held in conjunction with the Library Week. First was by media specialist Neal Estavillo on Social Media. The soft spoken Managing Director of MediaCom Malaysia discussed the different lifestyles of potential consumers from various parts of Malaysia. By showing a couple of case studies, he elaborated on ways for advertisers to turn their campaigns viral, and maximise exposure to different demographic groups.

The other talk was conducted by Dr. Aziman Tazilan, who began as an Interior Design top student in UiTM, but has since completed Doctorate of Philosophy on Environment and Development from UKM, focussing on Redefining Urban Street Micro-Architecture in Retail and Public Facilities. A lecturer in UKM currently, he charmed The One Academy students with his shrewd views on Challenges in Art, Design & Entrepreneurship.

Apart from these intensive, thought-provoking programmes, students were also treated with other infotainment events, such as the screening of Gravity, and an Info Hunt game where students worked in teams to solve problems with acute logical thinking. Techniques acquired from the games will surely come in handy when students aim to achieve world class results in their future career.

As a top-notch art and design institute educating students with industry-driven syllabus, The One Academy strives to nurture students into highly capable creative professionals. It has been emphasised time and again that knowledge, critical thinking and imagination are essential foundations for great artworks and designs, therefore the cultivation of a passion for books cannot be over-emphasised.