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Creating Impactful Conversation in the Age of Social Media
Updated 2014-12-24

Campaign thinking is bad for business in the age of social media, as netizens, especially mobile users have a totally different set of priorities that advertising professionals must be aware of, Chan Woei Hern, Creative Director of Naga DDB told The One Academy students.

Since time immemorial, ancient cavemen have been painting their stories on cave walls. With the onslaught of new media, a whole new mindset shall arise to face the new challenges. As envisaged by the Masters Train Masters philosophy, advertising expert Woei Hern opined that for creative professionals, the main issues at hand would be to understand what new media is, and what kind of story tellers do we aspire to be?

In the campaign mindset of yesteryears, agencies and businesses conducted tour of duties in various roadshows, then prayed and waited to close sales. However, in the age of social media, storytellers must write their own stories, share their own thoughts and visions to capture the imagination of the audience.

Brands are not what advertisers claim them to be, but what Google says it is. To create conversation between the consumers and the brand, trivia such as how the video was shot and what techniques were deployed are all interesting topics in the cyberspace. In line with The One Academy's emphasis on practical coaching approach, Woei Hern stressed that to win their hearts and minds, sharing light-hearted moments and interesting knowledge make more sense compared to hard sell.

Recounting his experience in constructing the brand image for local celco Digi, Woei Hern said that after the notorious CDM25 incident where Kiki damaged Uncle Sim's car with a stering lock, Digi decided to help 68-year-old Uncle Sim pay for the repair, and offered Kiki the same provided she apologised. By parting with a small sum of money, Digi managed to gain the praises of many, something advertising expenditure alone couldn't achieve.

The One Academy graduates are propelled to achieve world class results, hence Woei Hern advised students to keep an open mind and sincerely empathise on the people and community around us. As we are only as good as our last campaign, creative professionals have to constantly challenge oneself with intense hunger, commitment and fortitude, to stand among the best and carve a outstanding career!