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Students Learned from Brilliant Ad-Mana
Updated 2014-12-24

Advertising expert, Edward Ong, helped students to unlock their creative boundaries during his visit here at The One Academy. He inspired students through his sharing entitled ‘Things I’ve Learned so Far’, all about channeling creative thinking and unraveling creative limitations in the art of advertising. The One Academy students were inspired by the award-winning executive creative director’s field experience.

Ed the Ad-man has more than 18 years of experience in the industry. He has worked with some of the most interesting minds on the planet, and one of them was Neil French, a world-renowned British advertising executive credited for bringing creative revolution to Asia during his days in Singapore. Edward has also contributed his Ad-skill in campaigns for international brands such as Sony, Tiger Beer, Caltex, Singapore Navy, SMU (Singapore Management University), Soroptimists and Penguin Books. Ed has also won several awards namely Asian AdFest, D&AD, and even Malaysia’s biggest advertising award, the Kancil Awards.

During the sharing, Edward helped students to understand the importance of referring to creative ideas for inspiration, and how to improvise their ideas into fresh ones by getting to know their audience. With world of advertising that seeks change, whether it is TV, radio commercials or print ads, students are encouraged to explore their abilities to create and recreate, instead of limiting themselves.

As the Ad-expert enlightened students on creativity, he also encouraged students to get in touch with their passion, which is an empowering advice for The One Academy students. Indeed a positive learning experience!