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Be Amazed by the Breathtaking Concept Art Masterpieces in FICTIONARY
Updated 2014-12-24

Amidst much fanfare and celebration, the spectacular exhibition of concept artworks FICTIONARY was launched! Proudly presented by One Art Club of The One Academy’s Illustration Department, ‘FICTIONARY - an exhibition of fiction and visionary art’ intends to promote the art of imagination and provide an carefully crafted avenue for appreciation and discussion of art.

Graced by The One Academy Principal Tatsun Hoi, Group Executive Director Tan Chin Wee, Head of Illustration Department Leo Chong, as well as various lecturers, the Opening Night of FICTIONARY was well-received by students, alumni and industry professionals alike, where art enthusiasts surrounded the artists and shared their views on the great artworks over light refreshment.

Featuring 40 masterpieces by an assorted range of professional and emerging Malaysian concept artists, Numioh (Tham Hoi Mun), Jarold Sng, Jeremy Choong, Ivan Tao, Johnson Ting, Wenjuinn Png, Rayden Chen (Low Chen Yang), Puppeteer Lee (Lee Chak Khuen), John Liew, all but 2 of them The One Academy graduates. As a channel for exchange of ideas, also featured in the exhibition is talented Thai artist Skan Srisuwan, whose works made a special appearance here in FICTIONARY.

Well-loved by youngsters today, the art of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre carries an assorted range of names. At times, it's called Fantastic Realism, Visionary Art or the Art of Imagination. Combining the forces of imaginative FICTIONAL ideas and VISIONARY images of creative masters, the exhibition showcased works by these influential artists, who are widely reputed to be among the best in town.

These entrepreneurial artists are highly renowned for their excellence both in career and personal works, and have worked on many projects ranged from TV commercials and films, to games, animations and special effects. With 7 of these artists graduated from The One Academy, it certainly reaffirms the effectiveness of the top-notch industry-driven creative education provided here in The One Academy.

Welcoming the visitors passionately was Liew Sio Yean, Illustration lecturer and the curator of FICTIONARY, who introduced the artists to the members of the press and the public one by one.

Concept Art is a discipline in the world of art and design, mainly meant for the presentation of ideas for animations, movies and video games. Usually, the producers of movies and games will brief the concept artists on the kind of scenes, characters, monsters, robots, vehicles, costumed or environment needed for the storyline, and artists will produce their proposed visuals based on their imagination.

As the final product the audience / gamers see are often animated, members of the public don't usually get to see the artworks where the original concepts were conceived. Therefore, concept art exhibitions such as FICTIONARY offer all of us an opportunity to take a glimpse into the early days of conception. From the sophisticated depiction of characters, monsters and robots as showcased in the artworks, it's apparent that the practical coaching approach pioneered by The One Academy has propelled these artists to the pinnacle of creativity through thoughtful nurturing.

The advancement of digital technologies has heralded in a new dawn in the creative industry. As a fundamental essential technique for all branches of art, contemporary digital artists are now taking advantage of the sophisticated digital media to enhance their masterpieces beyond the imagination of yesteryears. With a piece of virtual canvas unlimited in size, digital painting affords the artists to explore ideas, correct mistakes and create variants with great ease.