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Charting a Bright Future in Career Day Workshop!
Updated 2014-12-24

How does your realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising or conventional personality trait affect your career choices? How to prepare an efficient résumé or make a lasting impression during interviews? The One Academy students learned all these during the recent Career Day Workshop.

As a college that equips students to attain World Class Achievements through industry-driven creative education, The One Academy takes great pride in helping students to secure a bright future by organising Career Day Workshops regularly. It's a day of self-exploration, where students also had a crash course on preparing résumés and attending interviews.

Students were first introduced to the Holland Codes. Also known as the Holland Occupational Themes, it is a test to determine one's vocational choice based upon personality types developed by the psychologist John L. Holland. Through the test, participants would get to see which type of personality do they belong to, whether it is Realistic (Doers), Investigative (Thinkers), Artistic (Creators), Social (Helpers), Enterprising (Persuaders), or Conventional (Organizers), and with that, the most suitable occupations for them.

The second session began with professional head hunters from Font recruitment agency, an agency specialised in digital, creative, marketing and social media positions. The experienced recruiters elaborated to students the career options in the current industry landscape, and the need to venture out of comfort zone, instead of waiting for something to happen. Besides, they also highlighted the need to adhere to the DUTCH principle, a set of proper work attitudes needed to succeed in workplaces, namely Disciplined, Uncompromising, Tough, Courageous and Humble.

In line with the Masters Train Masters teaching philosophy cherished here in The One Academy, the recruiters furnished the audience with plenty of effective interview tips. For instance, they advised students to be honest and cognizant of one's strengths and weaknesses in charting career paths, whether one is introvert or extrovert, prefer to work with people or data? Hard work counts too, as one might be assigned to write about and create a campaign for products one isn’t familiar with, such as diapers.

As outlined in our practical coaching approach, students were told that the more one researches about the history and focus of the company, the better one might perform in the interview. With due diligence, The One Academy graduates will surely succeed in establishing world class careers by securing their dream jobs!