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Insightful sharings during ID Festival expands students' horizons!
Updated 2014-09-15

As the highlight of the recent ID Festival, two prominent architects were invited to share their thoughts on sustainable and efficient designs, benefitting Interior Design students by imparting plenty of professional insights.

The One Academy takes great pride in spearheading the Masters Train Masters teaching philosophy, where industry experts from various fields are engaged to expand the horizons of students. As the disciplines are closely related, Architecture knowledge would certainly come in handy when Interior Design students kick off their professional career upon graduation.

Dr Susan Mellersh Lucas was a lecturer at the School of Architecture and Building, Deakin University, Geelong, Australia. She obtained her PhD in the same university with a thesis focussing on Ecologically Sustainable Design.

Sustainable development has been the talk of town, especially among the farsighted, in view of the congestion and wasteful culture the old development models have created. In line with The One Academy’s emphasis on industry-driven creative education, she impressed the audience with the importance of green, sustainable designs. Among the characteristics of sustainable design included eco-friendliness, energy efficiency, deployment of renewable resources and the recyclability of materials.

Well-acclaimed for his futuristic and dynamic compositions, emerging architect Jethro Koi Lik Wai was the winner of the prestigious Malaysia Young Architect Award 2013. His proposal for the urban renewal of Rifle Range public housing neighbourhood in Georgetown has captured the imagination of many with his bold and friendly designs.

At the very core of this Jethro’s design lies the meticulous sensitivity in balancing the necessary needs of the present and the environmental sustainability for the future generations. With the needs taken care of, spaces that are rich and vibrant will converge, which ultimately allow people to revel in good architecture. No stranger to awards, he also shared some tips with The One Academy students on how to stand out in competitions.

Rejoiced in the generous sharing of knowledge and professional insights, The One Academy students certainly will grow abundantly under the guidance of experienced industry experts, to succeed in attaining ‘Just World Class Achievements’ as envisaged.