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Celebrating the Versatility of Arduino!
Updated 2014-09-14

To mark the 10th anniversary of Arduino, a variety of awesome events were held by users, professionals, hacker communities and newbies around to world, including in The One Academy. Arduino is a versatile micro-controller that enables an easier way to programme interactive objects, and is used widely in various interactive installations due to its affordability.

In collaboration with numerous industry players, The One Academy also organised our very own birthday celebration for Arduino, packed with talks and workshops to enhance students’ understanding of this highly adaptable tool.

Tailor-made for the aspiring Multimedia designers, the activities here in The One Academy featured professional speakers who shared plenty of practical usage of Arduino, in line with the practical coaching approach upheld by The One Academy over the years.

Among the prominent speakers was Chia Yong Ling, Creative Technologist of marketing and advertising agency Isobar, who shared extensively on interactive marketing campaigns empowered with Arduino. Fairus from project Myduino also took the stage and analysed profoundly on the increasing usage of the Arduino micro-controller in the local and international scenes.

Also invited were Paul Stinchcombe and Kenneth Raj, CEO and Chief Technical Officer at Dragonsoft Research Malaysia respectively, who have been regulars in sharing their insights with The One Academy students. They emphasised that thanks to the introduction of Arduino 10 years ago, many fantastic campaigns that designers dreamed about in the past could now be realised. Therefore, students should be creative in fully utilising its functions, and produce more interactive installations to suit different scenario in the marketplace.

Sharing of knowledge directly by industry forerunners is a cornerstone of The One Academy’s Masters Train Masters teaching philosophy. With informative programmes lined up throughout the year, students in The One Academy will certainly master a great deal of technical know-how, and lead a prolific career at the forefront of worldwide creative industry upon graduation.