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Inspiring Students: See the World, an Experience for a Lifetime
Updated 2014-09-14

The One Academy students met speaker Joo Ng, an avid traveler who started travelling at the age of 19. Living this dream has enabled the speaker to become an experienced traveler, especially on where to stay, routes to take and how much to pack. It was a one of a kind sharing session because students get to learn in depth about travelling, the do’s and don’ts and most importantly on ‘how to travel at a minimal cost’.

Joo has been on the road for 10 months before. Back then as a university student, she did it to fulfill her childhood dream which is to see the world. During her journey, Joo learned that travelling was one of the ways to step out of her comfort zone, something she needed to learn as a youth- a part and parcel of life.

Now that it has been years later, who would’ve thought that, she would be sharing with The One Academy students to inspire those who want to pursue or share similar passion in exploring world’s greatest gifts? Who fits the bill to share insights with The One Academy students better than an avid traveler?

In the sharing, Joo shared her travel stories and showed photographs of places she visited. “There are few things you need to look into in travel-planning; you need to do research. Doing research will prepare you in advance, especially if you plan to go on the road for months whether it is a local or overseas trip.”

She gave tips on how to get started, whereby students referred to this guideline based on Joo’s 4 Travel Steps: decide what you want to see, decide where to go, trip planning (duration, when to when, season/weather, daily expenses & costs) and finally packing. She elaborated that it is important to travel light, bringing only basic necessities including photocopies of your documents to secure originals from being stolen.

For reference, students was recommended the ‘Lonely Planet Guide Book’ because it contains useful information a traveler needs to know such as cost for accommodation, recommended hostels or hotels, eateries, transportation, cultural events and more.

Students also learned about the famous places to see with unique accommodations such as, Yurts in Lake Sayram, Caves in Cappadocia, Reed Houses Titicaca Lake, Playa Blanka Hostel (Salt Hostel) in Bolivia and many more. “It is exciting to see these places because you get to experience different cultures and lifestyles and where they live,” said Joo, at par with The One Academy’s education philosophy on gaining out-of-the-classroom