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Passion Republic Experts Engaged Students through Awesome Concept Art!
Updated 2014-09-14

In the recent industry forum themed “Engage with Passion Republic”, Illustration and Entertainment Art graduates Tham Hoi Mun and Johnson Ting, who are currently with prominent local studio Passion Republic, were invited to enlighten students on the career prospect as concept artists.

To inspire students about the endless possibilities offered by the game and animation industry in line with the “Masters Train Masters” philosophy, industry experts including successful graduates are often invited to share their insights with the students of The One Academy.

Staffed with youngsters extremely passionate about digital content creation, Passion Republic is a local studio focusing on designing digital content for AAA games, under the guidance of the team belief “Great craftsmanship and the spirit of pushing the limits”.

Just like many of the students, both Hoi Mun (a.k.a. Numioh) and Johnson have game fanatics since childhood. Tham Hoi Mun is well known for his brawny vehicle designs, sleek industrial designs and indubitably cool, slightly terrifying and absolutely dazzling constructs designs, while there is a heavy science fiction and technology theme running through much of Johnson Ting’s amazing artwork.

Together, they explained their daily routine in the studio to the students, and listed the essential qualities for students to strive in the career as a concept artist. The duo also shared ways to widen one's source of inspiration, and overcome stumbling blocks in art creation. During the afternoon, Johnson led the live demonstration on game animatics creation, while Hoi Mun conducted a sci-fi character design workshop for the participants.

As concept art is a medium to deliver the ideas about characters or the environment to the game or film producers, Hoi Mun and Johnson encouraged students to read widely and watch films of all genres, be it historical, disaster or sci-fi to recharge their imagination regularly.

Equipping students with skillful techniques to create believable designs, the session provided yet another boost to students’ artistry, as outlined by The One Academy’s industry-driven syllabus and practical coaching approach.