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Glimpse into the conception and pitching of campaigns!
Updated 2014-09-14

To expose students to the actual operation of pitching jobs by advertising agencies in the highly competitive industry, The One Academy has invited 3 top-notch creative experts from the agency Nerve Centre to come and share their experience.

Held in line with the Masters Train Masters philosophy, the master forum Strategic & Creative Advertising for U-Mobile saw the 3 speakers, namely General Manager of Nerve Centre Kenny Lee, as well as Asistant Creative Directors Pek AnDee and Chong Eik Long chroniclised the process of conceiving and developing ideas for the client U Mobile.

Their campaign was based on driving home the idea of "Cheap and fast 3G isn't a privilege, it's a right." To instigate people to rise up and fight for a change, they created a battle plan to position U Mobile's 3G services as the cheapest and fastest. Centred on the energetic, dynamic orange splash that signified the spirit of 3G Generation, the battle plan spoke to the target audience in their own tone and manner.

In the Ops Orange during the pre-launch stage, they planned to wage a guerilla warfare to paint the whole town orange. Ambient media was selected as it had the potential of creating inordinate amount of noise with the lowest possible investment in media. To focus the talk of town on fighting high 3G rates, they proposed to splash orange paint on roadside loan shark stickers and slow laptops in cafes, and even plan a flash mob.

While the launching gimmicks could create brand awareness, they still needed road shows to drive sales. In this sense, thematic ads, TVCs and ground-breaking viral video clips all played a part. To make them more impressive, these ads must be gutsy, single-minded eyeblasters!

Kenny emphasised that, while agencies could make bold claims, the client must actually deliver to transform brand awareness into sales, because the proof of pudding is in its eating. In the end, their agency didn't succeed in the pitch. With that they failed to extract even a single cent from U Mobile. However, that's part and parcel of life, so everyone was used to it.

Kenny opined that to create a strong campaign that could grab attention, one must shout aloud to make noise. Still, it must be something that clients have the guts to buy, thus the importance of producing relevant ads that could exceed clients’ expectations! With industry-driven syllabus taught by professional masters, The One Academy students will certainly go places!