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Creating Creative Fun for Youths
Updated 2014-09-14

The One Academy degree students of Interactive Media Design, Graphic Design and Interior Architecture & Design had the most exciting experience building pop-up arcade booths for Sri Emas International School students. Our talented degree students were required to create interactive game experience as part of their project while high school students get to learn more about The One Academy degree courses.

The One Academy degree students are known for their knack in generating awesome ideas and crafting them. As guided by their industry-experienced lecturers, degree students are taught to incorporate idea-thinking culture into producing results that meet industry requirements. At the ‘Degree Induction Programme Workshop’ degree students showed off their crafty skills when they created games for the international students to engage in.

Based on a Science theme, the arcade booth was inspired by scientific theoretical concepts which enabled high school students to play on the spot. There were various types of booths with different games. The Sri Emas students were the first to experience and participate in The One Academy degree students’ creations and even included feedbacks on the game experience. This activity allowed students of different age group to exchange ideas and interact with one another.

It was a fun day for students of The One Academy and Sri Emas. This was definitely one-of-a-kind for the degree students, because instead of just obtaining knowledge in the classroom, The One Academy encourages its students to engage in out-of-the-classroom learning experience, the best inspiration tip for creative students; a culture constantly practiced by the academy!