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Students Amazed by Interactive Installations at Action Arcade!
Updated 2014-09-16
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To cultivate the interest on Interactive Media Design among Foundation students, undergraduates of the BA (Hons) Interactive Media Design have welcomed Foundation students to the exhibition of The Action Arcade, an array of interactive design installations created by year 2 students.

The Action Arcade, an exhibition of 4 spatial interactive artifacts that responded in some way to body gestures by sophomores of BA (Hons) Interactive Media Design programme, aimed to entice youngsters to exercise more, instead of spending all their time on phones or tablets. Designed in teams, these installations were an exercise in teamwork with different members in charge of either content, graphics, technicals or logistics.

Targeted at office workers who get muscle pains from sitting down for long hours, Flex-O-Matic is a computer that dispenses stretching poses for users to imitate. Based on where the pain is, it shows the user what stretches to do. Another energetic game is Folklore, based on the story of Sang Kancil dan Buaya (The Mousedeer and the Crocodile). The player helps the mousedeer to overcome virtual obstructions by jumping on a sensor mat.

In Get Up and Run, the user is a pie-stealer who must run from the cop in pursuit, and use a handheld controller to jump over virtual obstacles in their path. Its creators found that exercise helps to reduce stress and provide better sleep. In Live Tags, two players go head-to-head in a hashtag video game using sensor-attached gloves to make the hashtag gesture. The Foundation students were extremely pleased to exchange views with the IMD undergraduates and amazed by what’s in store for them should they enrol in this course.

Through this slate of thought provoking interactive installations, Foundation students gained a deeper understanding of the way interactive technology blended with daily life. Enlightened by the IMD undergraduates, they were given a crystal clear picture on how their careers stand to benefit from the industry-driven syllabus of BA (Hons) Interactive Media Design programme.

As envisaged bythe Masters Train Masters education philosophy, this BA (Hons) programme accentuated strongly on both critical thinking and practical techniques. It proves that in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, The One Academy's locally-conducted 3+0 Bachelor's degree programme nurtures students to become high achievers in the world of art and design.