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What it takes to be an Outstanding Graphic Designer
Updated 2014-09-16

Communication & visual design is a must in today’s industry, and aspiring graphic designers like The One Academy students need to develop a positive mindset and passion to strive forward besides just being skillful in art & design. When students had the chance to meet Raymond Teo, they learned how to be an outstanding graphic designer and how to build their personality& career image to survive in the creative field.

“To be a successful graphic designer, we must develop confidence from within, along with self-awareness and willingness to improve,” said Raymond.

Speaker Raymond was delighted to share his knowledge on ‘Packaging for Brands and Designers’ with The One Academy advertising students. Each and every one of these students are the future of the communication design industry, therefore, the sharing was not only meant to provide them an enlightening experience, but to inspire them through Raymond’s self-achievement story.

Students learned from an inspiring individual, Raymond, who persevered and developed his own methods on climbing the ladder of success. As he shared and students listened attentively, he said “When you are in this field, you need to find your purpose, just like finding your purpose in life. As a designer, it is good to check with yourself every once in a while on your definition of success and how you can contribute to heighten society’s thinking with your designs,” a thought-provoking advice, definitely something for students to think about.

According to Raymond, he learned the importance of maintaining professionalism especially when he meet his clients; this is to alter clients’ perception and stereotypes that OKU services are usually priced below market price.

Raymond’s sharing was exceptional because he did not share from a disable’s point of view, but from a perspective of a creative person. Raymond is a Founder & Creative Director of At Home Creative, a brand consultancy & design house. He also founded Arjid Bro Bears an apparel brand and Run Ray Run, a social awareness organization. Indeed another inspirational session at the academy, motivating students all the way to the top!