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Setia Eco Glades triumph features profound eco-friendliness!
Updated 2014-09-16

Nurtured meticulously in line with the Masters Train Masters teaching philosophy, three talented Interior Design students have continued this winning streak by seizing various prizes at the Setia Eco Glades Student Outdoor Sculptures Design Competition.

Setia Eco Glades is the latest addition to the booming town of Cyberjaya, to be developed as a sanctuary of heritage and culture, featuring 8 heritage concepts on 8 islands with 8 unique fountains. To realise the vision, the award-winning developer SP Setia invited young designers to create attractive sculptures to be placed around the housing scheme.

Well-prepared to create ‘World Class Results’, The One Academy students are always a force to be reckoned with in the global creative arena. Of the 4 The Winning Idea Award that came with RM 3,000 cash prize per person, 3 were bagged by The One Academy students Lim Ming Zheng, Loi Fui Teng and Chong Pui Woon. On top of that, Pui Woon also grabbed The Best Overall Concept Award!

Excited about the victory, Pui Woon recounted that since the client’s logo was a butterfly, she decided to base her designs on the four stages of metamorphosis, and blended them into the themes of different zones. Inspired by the vast natural environment, Ming Zheng stressed that to be in tune with the surrounding, they put in extra effort to ensure that these designs were eco-friendly!

One of the main challenges faced by the students was the construction methods. Although they only had to submit design sketches for the competition, material and structure of the sculptures had to be taken into consideration too. Equipped with the industry-driven creative knowledge as taught in The One Academy, the winners decided that clay was the most suitable material as the sculptures were to be placed outdoor.

With only a couple of weeks to complete 4 designs per participant as required, they put their proficient artistry to good use. Thanks to good time management and a strong sense of perseverance, they succeed in producing the designs, and even beating others to emerge as winners. That apparently paints a very convincing depiction about the strength of The One Academy’s top notch creative education!