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Top-Notch Masterclass Knowledge with Walt Disney & Weta Experts
Updated 2014-09-18

More than 200 ambitious artists had 4 days to master the savvy techniques of Hollywood visual development and concept art with two world class industry heavyweights. Proudly presented by The One Academy, the Masterclass Workshop: Walt Disney & Weta Experts in Film Production & Concept Art featured Armand Serrano, the Visual Development Expert of Walt Disney and Eduardo, a talented Concept Artist with Weta Digital and Weta Workshop. These two experts led the hall of participants through a transformative journey to achieve greater success in the booming world of entertainment art!

Geared towards creative professionals, students of all colleges and animation enthusiasts alike, this exceptional masterclass workshop was definitely a way forward for those who are eager to pursue the field of animation and entertainment art industry. The two experts unwaveringly nurtured the future generation of filmmaking professionals, similarly to The One Academy’s philosophy of ‘Masters Train Masters’, the methodology itself ensure students to learn from professionals of the highest quality.

During the 4-day session, Walt Disney Visual Development Artist Armand elaborated in depth in the areas of film production design and visual development, shared insights on design philosophies, processes, art direction and styles; while Eduardo shared on the areas of Concept Art, imparting knowledge from his experience as a talented Concept Artist with Weta Digital and Weta Workshop, he has worked together with Oscar Award-winning film director Peter Jackson to contribute awe-inspiring concept art masterpieces for blockbusters such as The Hobbit trilogy (An Unexpected Journey, The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies).

Indeed it was an exciting learning experience held at the Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil. Students obtained knowledge in several areas, growing, learning and sharing holistically, the logical process of art & design techniques, to creating significant movie frames with moodboard, the technicalities of storytelling with concept art & cinematic key scenes, including building an impressive portfolio and what it takes to be hired. These leading experts did not miss out a single bit of information, as they discuss and demonstrated relevant key skills apart from sharing the techniques to best represent participants’ ideas.

From pre-production to visual development and more, participants have benefited a great deal of insightful knowledge from the sharing, workshops, and even Q&A sessions in order to develop better art sense for film production.

In line with our ‘Industry-driven and Practical Coaching Approach’, the exceptional 4-day Masterclass Workshop underscores The One Academy’s consistency in ensuring that our homegrown creative aspirants sharpen their artistry continuously!