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Students Contributed Multimedia & Illustration Masterpieces to Local Movie Production!
Updated 2014-09-18

Nurtured in line with Masters Train Masters teaching philosophy, The One Academy artists were invited by the S100 Entertainment, the production house of the upcoming “The Gathering” to produce the music video for its theme song, and create digital paintings of movie scenes, to be adapted into souvenir postcards as a way to raise funds for vernacular schools.

The growing local filmmaking industry has offered plenty of opportunities for art and design practitoners to flaunt their artistry. To commemorate the successful collaboration, a press conference was held recently to launch the MV and postcards. It was attended by ZhouZhou the lead actress, actor HaoRen and producer Ong Lay Jin.

Under the guidance of Leo Chong, the Head of Illustration Department, The One Academy artists have presented a series of vibrant, refreshing paintings based on some iconic movie scenes. Chong Fei Giap's artworks were akin to realistic oil-painted pieces, while Sack Tin Lim tried to capture the feel through water colour. Ellie Yong's masterpieces stood out for her mostly abstract techniques that exuded a romantic feel, reminding people of their puppy love.

With paintings turned into postcards, the proceeds from the sales would go to needy government-aided schools. A small gesture for The One Academy artists to extend their support to mother tongue education, it is indeed a testimony to the compassionate side of The One Academy’s industry-driven creative education.

Sung by Daniel, a promising newcomer, the movie theme song “I still do miss you” resembled a recollection of the sweet, innocent first love. Led by Head of Multimedia Design Department, Kenny Kok and senior lecturer Jason Ong, the group of 11 students have crafted a wonderful MV based on clips and still photographs from the movie. Coupled with marvellous motion graphics, the MV has melt the hearts of many!

The artists were very excited for having the opportunity to contribute to the healthy growth local cinema. They fully utilised the multimedia techniques learnt in the classrooms to create an impressive video. Having referred to various overseas productions, they now commanded better storytelling skills.

As outlined by the Practical Coaching Approach, The One Academy constantly offers plenty of opportunities for students to work in professional projects through industry collaborations. Armed with extensive experience and an in-depth understanding on industry best practices, these creative aspirants will surely launch high flying careers in the world of art and design!