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Cutting Edge Creative Graduate Transforms into Professional Artist
Updated 2014-09-18

Illustration-graduate Ivan Ng Pei Tao has another reason to celebrate thanks to his recent achievement of receiving ‘Excellent Works Award’ at the Asiagraph 2013 (CG Competition). Ivan is no ordinary artist, but like any other youths for wish to pursue the field, through work, life and skill lessons, Ivan has emerged into an inspiring creative professional already seizing the industry by storm.

Ivan has been featured in top notch CG magazines such as EXPOSE and EXOTIQUE magazines,, Innovated magazine, Advance Photoshop (UK) magazine as well as the local newspapers. Other recognitions include receiving the Excellence Award by EXPOSE 8 (2010) by Ballistic Publishing and 1st Prize Winner of ‘The Animal Art Contest’ (2009). Finally, his recent achievement with Asiagraph 2013 is the latest addition to his recognition, enabling him to be renowned among the artists and aspirants in the CG community, especially in Asia.

When asked what prompted him to pursue illustration course at The One Academy, Ivan said his love for art bloomed as a child when he first developed an interest for superheroes like Batman, and Hollywood’s Star Wars. He also added that being part of The One Academy has enabled him to learn from remarkably talented people who are illustration experts and lecturers who taught him how to discover his own style.

Ivan is always eager to learn and constantly give room for himself to improve his skill; he is an example to The One Academy students. Ivan worked his way up to improve himself through Life lessons and mentors. Today, he is the Founder of his own professional illustration & digital art studio called Knight Owl, handling big clients such as DiGi. Knight Owl focuses on providing illustration and concept design service in the areas of concept art, game illustration, advertising illustration, storyboard and visual development, to name a few. Ivan is also a lecturer at The One Academy, imparting artistry and knowledge to the budding artists.

Sharing a couple of words of wisdom with those who wish to pursue this path, he said, “The lesson in my Life has taught me how to strive to become a better artist. At The One Academy, I learned from my seniors & mentors on how they became successful, so that I may follow similar pathway. I also learned the importance of being able to earn a living, and rising above the Ego to become a better person, improve my skills and find my balance in this industry.” Top notch it is! Thumbs up Ivan!