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Winning International Award at the Pinnacle of Animation!
Updated 2014-09-18

Creating an action comedy with profound teamwork and unrivalled artistry, 6 of The One Academy students had the honour to represent Malaysia in the recent ONE Country ONE Film International Film Festival 2014 in France, where each film selected is the only representative of its country, and was awarded the Young Audience Award!

Exit was produced by Rebel Banana studio, comprised of Digital Animation students Phua Cardin, Andrea Goh Siau Wei, Yap Wee Lim, Victor Tan Guan Sing, Chua Pei Gin and Chua Pei San. Nurtured under the Masters Train Masters teaching philosophy, they worked tirelessly for many months in perfecting the project. To make their animation unique, they incorporated bold, eye-catching colours and embedded attention-grabbing background music into their film.

The 4 minute short film tells the story of a grumpy debt collector Mike, who kicked the Autopay machine at the dark carpark when he sensed that the machine wasn't returning him the change. On his way out, he found the machine coming into life and chase after his car. His car overturned after speeding. He ran nervously for this life towards the exit, without realising the real intention why the machine came after him.

Based in Apchat, France, One Country One Film International Film Festival is an independent film festival with an aim of promoting diversity and cultural exchange, presenting the artistic creation and cultural expression of numerous countries throughout a showcase of diverse cinematographic styles. As every country is represented by only one film, the audience is treated to a trip around the world, and learnt about the uniqueness of every country.

Running into the fifth year, it saw participation from 90 countries, including Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Cambodia, Chile, China, D.R. Congo, Cyprus, Columbia, France, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Palestine, Poland, UK, USA, Senegal, Spain, Taiwan, Venezuela etc. Winning an award in this international event truly highlights The One Academy's commitment of “No empty promises, just World Class Results”!

Well-known for their cutting edge talent expressed through thought-provoking animations, The One Academy students are equipped with industry-driven creative education to compete at the forefront of the industry. The winners certainly served as inspirational role models to the entire student population, offering hope for others to rise as bright creative professionals.