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Multimedia Starlites Widens Students’ Exposure
Updated 2014-06-25

As an annual week-long celebration of creativity, Multimedia Starlites is organised by the Multimedia Design department of The One Academy, where students and the academic staffs mingle and exchange views freely with industry experts.

Kicked off with teambuilding activities comprised of students from all batches, it featured exhibition of good creative works, as well as sharings by creative pioneers on different days. On the third day, creative specialists Jonathan Wong and Nicole Lee from design and innovation agency VLT gave a talk, where they covered topics such as digital marketing, branding strategy and User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX) design.

‘The Interactive Scene’ by VLT Jonathan Wong and Nicole Lee.

The highlight of Multimedia Starlites this year was undoubtedly Advolution, a lecture by veteran advertising expert Eric Cruz. A Creative Director, Designer, Director, Educator and ‘trans national’ who calls home wherever his sets his feet, Eric Cruz has worked in Japan for more than a decade. He is currently Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett Malaysia, where he oversees the agency's creative output, managing accounts such as Petronas, Samsung, Maxis / Hotlink, Dutch Lady, Twinings and McDonalds by communicating their brand stories in the age of social media and connectivity.

Armed with splendid experience from years of advertising campaign strategising since 1996, the year internet was available to the public, Cruz opined that advertising had undergone a seismic shift since he joined this industry 17 years ago, transformed from monologues to dynamic conversation, and now brands are jumping onto the bandwagon of ‘always on experiences’. In the age of digital advertising, brands must constantly keep up with the latest trends, in order to learn how to speak and behave in the digital era.

To stay relevant, creative professionals have to reinvent themselves regularly in this state of perpetual creative flux. In the lecture, Cruz chronicled his personal journey of reinvention, and exposed participants to his style of creativity without borders, offering new ways of approaching creative evolution. He assured the audience that with passion and resourcefulness, aspiring designers would stand up against all odds and succeed if they pursue their aspirations perseveringly.

‘Advolution’ by Leo Burnett Malaysia Eric Cruz.

Action Arcade, an exhibition of interative games by year 2 students, also formed part of Multimedia Starlites this year. This campaign aimed to encourage youngsters today to exercise more, instead of spending all their time on phones or tablets. With this in mind, the games such as Life Tags, Flex-o-Matic, Sang Kancil dan Buaya & Get-up and Run required participants to stretch their arms and legs, jump or even run in circles. The visuals were on par with the latest games and apps too.

Through the slate of thought provoking programmes, students had a deeper understanding of the way the industry works. By learning directly from towering figures, students were given a clearer picture on how to stay ahead in the race, as envisaged by the Masters Train Masters teaching philosophy.

‘Behind the scenes of Glassfin’ by Glassfin Productions Mafex Tay.

‘Behind the scenes of Glassfin’ by Glassfin Productions Kasa.

‘Immerse into Emotion’ by Immerse Karen Wong and Joanne Ng.