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40-hour Illustrations for Saving Sharks’ Lives
Updated 2014-06-25
According to The One Academy Alumni, Will Sii said, he didn’t took the drawing challenge as a challenge, but as a fun experience that allowed him to explore drawing on a different platform.

The One Academy alumni William Sii drew for 40 hours! The long hours did not stop the talented artist at all for his artistic flair in drawing free-hand on-the-spot on a half-a-million LOTUS EVORA in conjunction of Shark Savers Malaysia’s “I’m FINished with FINS” campaign.

The One Academy advertising & graphic design graduate was elated with joy to see the completed LOTUS EVORA received tremendous support & feedback during the corporate pledge ceremony at MidValley Megamall.

There were 60 top brands that joined the pledge, together, eager to support the change to say “NO” to the exploitation of shark fins. Present during the pledge was The One Academy Digital Animation Course Director, Lee Loong Wun, Chan Kon Loong, Assistant Course Director, YB Dato’ Hisham Bin Othman, Director of Lotus Cars Malaysia, Muhammad Kamil Bin Puteh, Head of Marketing Lotus Cars Malaysia, Jonn Benedict Lu, Shark Savers Regional Director of Asia Pacific and finally CEO of IGB REIT, Antony Barragry. The purpose of the pledge was to campaign the message to raise awareness of stop supporting shark fin dishes!

While the artsy LOTUS EVORA car became an overnight sensation, highflying alumni Will Sii also became a hit among the media, being featured in platforms such as MyTTV (My Tourism TV), live on-air with Durian FM and Durian Asean radio stations including an interview with According to the talented artist/graphic designer, he described his style as ‘ArtWord’, otherwise best explained as ‘art within art, word within word’; he also mentioned that he doesn’t perceive the drawing sessions as a challenge, but as a profound experience that allows him to pledge through his artwork.

Will Sii’s art didn’t just stop here; he also caught the attention of female F1 Racer, Natasha Seatter! Will Sii hopped on over to draw her race car for her race; she called it ‘Racing for Sharks’.

This collaboration between The One Academy and Shark Savers Malaysia has certainly given talented artists like Will Sii an opportunity to use creativity to form the cornerstones of awareness in the saving sharks’ environmental campaign! After all, art is more than just creating beautiful masterpieces, but serves as a communication tool to communicate creatively for global community benefit.

(From left) At the pledge, present was The One Academy Assistant Course Director, Chan Kon Loong, The One Academy Director of Digital Art, Lee Loong Wun, Joon Benedict Lu, Shark Savers Regional Director of Asia Pacific and The One Academy Alumni/ Artist, William Sii.