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Ad Man Enlightened Students to CREATE with Creativity
Updated 2014-03-27
Sa’ad Hussein, Executive Director & Chief Creative Officer of TBWA Kuala Lumpur visited The One Academy to give an enlightening sharing about the evolution of advertising.

“Advertising has evolved!” said Sa’ad Hussein, Executive Director & Chief Creative Officer of TBWA Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to the rise of technology and digital media, the current world of advertising has greatly evolved; people are changing and everyone wants to become the next best thing. Entitled CREATE; Ad Man Sa’ad Hussein shared an inspiring session with advertising students to show them how they can roll with the changes too!

According to Sa’ad Hussein, creative aspirants are coming out of their shell to create the next hit in the pop-culture. It is about changing the ways life has to offer! You can be a student, a white collar or making a big career switch, regardless of what it is more and more people want to be their own entrepreneur/designer and make a difference to the world. “It is no longer about giving ideas; it is about ideas that get made,” said Sa’ad during his sharing, when he explained why students need to ‘create’. Students also learned that it is no longer about Ads, but it is about creating content. “People want to be entertained by advertisements,” which sums up his point on advertising evolution. Therefore, it is useful to have different types of people with different mentalities to join the force to create different things.

Many of The One Academy students possess entrepreneurial skills. Some of the students who are running their own business like freelance designing, doing photoshoots, blogging or even running a blog shop, were inspired by Sa’ad and his light on how having a passion can make a difference to their career. Thus it is important for creatives to learn new skills and to produce all the time. “Since resources are endless; the future generation should be proactive and create trends,” Sa’ad added.

Hence, for students who are eager to pursue their passion, Sa’ad shared an empowering advice, “It should never be about the money. If you chase money, you will never get money; but if you do it with passion, money will come!” A positive learning experience!