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A World Conferences of Global Digital Marketing
Updated 2014-02-26
Closing date of registration: 12 March 2014.
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Discover Surefire Ways of Digital Media and the Evolution of Advertising Brand Strategies

With our rapidly growing force in current digital media industry, more and more are trying to understand the power of personalizing digital age experience and how it can transform brands, products and companies into the next trend. Today, Digital Marketing have made possible to drive marketing relevance in our digital world, moving towards a customer-centric & brand communication concept and engaging in a real-time responsive channels. By strongly believing in equipping our creative students with dynamic digital age knowledge, we are proud to present a presentation by 4 Digital Marketing Experts coupled with our Masters Train Masters teaching philosophy! Here you will have the chance to unravel global brand success secrets and how to merge Digital Marketing strategies with your up-to-date knowledge & talent!

A Full-Day Programme with Winners of Different Marketing Awards!

  • Learn superb punchy information packed with creative work examples and case studies.
  • Discover effective internet marketing tools such as email marketing, social media marketing, search and online display advertising.
  • Exclusive creative arena trade secrets gathered by our team of experienced experts just for you, such as examples of creative works, video interviews with clients and their agencies and more!
  • Learn from each award-winning case study with new & improved digital marketing guidelines.
  • Watch out! You will be in for a ride of exciting content, filled with new ideas to make your digital marketing experience THE BEST!

Date : 18 March 2014 (Tuesday)

Time : 9am - 5pm

Venue : Auditorium Level 1, Enterprise 4, Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil.

Fee: RM 120 (Exclusively for The One Academy students only)

Closing date of registration: 14th March 2014.