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Celebrating the Triumphs of our Nation through Exquisite Painting
Updated 2013-12-09
The competition aimed to highlight Malaysians’ unique heritage and way of life through art, as well as served as as tribute to self-rediscovery.

The outstanding quality of The One Academy students was once again reaffirmed in Petron's National Student Art and Photography Competition. With the marvellous artwork titled ‘The Journey We Painted Together’ produced after thoughtful research, Leong Sheng Yung successfully clinched an award in this prestigious competition.

Themed ‘Rentetan Kejayaan: A Journey of Triumphs and Milestones’ and opened to all Malaysian tertiary students, the competition aimed to highlight Malaysians’ unique heritage and way of life through art, as well as served as as tribute to self-rediscovery. It also underscored the contribution of a creative and dynamic youth towards nation-building.

During the prize presentation ceremony in National Visual Art Gallery, Sheng Yung, a second year Illustration student attributed his winning of the Third Prize in the Art Category to his combination of symbolistic and supernatural elements in the painting. He sought the opinion of friends regarding the ways to interpret the theme of ‘Rentetan Kejayaan’, and decided to incorporate Wayang Kulit, a unique form of traditional art performance into the visual. In order to create a convincing painting that could strike a chord with the general public, he has done a lot of research regarding the history and culture of Malaysians.

The competition was launched in conjunction with the 56th Independence Day and 50th Malaysia Day celebration. In keeping with the significance of these events, the organiser hoped that participants would find inspiration in the country’s journeys of success throughout the years. In its homeground of the Philippines, the company has run Everyone’s Vision Petron, the most prominent art competition for budding artists in the country for 13 years consecutively.

Handling both traditional and digital art media with ease, Sheng Yung opined that the superb arts education in The One Academy has propelled him to excel in leaps and bounds. Prior to this, Sheng Yung has also won two prizes in the Tanjong Heritage National Art Competition 2012, namely the Second Prize in Pencil Category, and Consolation Prize in the Mixed Media Category. Besides painting, Sheng Yung is also very passionate about literature, and was the Champion of Children's Novel Category in Hsing Yun's Literary Awards 2010.

It is evident that with the industry-driven coaching as envisaged by the Masters Train Masters approach, students in The One Academy undergo an impressive metamorphosis in terms of creativity and artistry. To all the peers striving to emerge as successful designers, Sheng Yung urge them to try to challenge themselves constantly, read widely to seek inspirations, and progressively achieve breakthroughs over time.