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Digital Animation Students Seized a Place in Asiagraph Again
Updated 2013-12-09

Once again, The One Academy students have won a place at the Asiagraph 2013 award, enabling them to attain worldwide prominence with their amazing animation work.

Asiagraph is a leading platform to promote Asian culture, arts and science while expanding the creative industry in Asia. It is renowned as one of the most prominent digital content competition in Asia, gathering all computer graphic and animation experts from various countries including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore; all whom are invited to compete with one another while gaining wide exposure. Their submissions are also reviewed by experienced professionals; winners are recognized as the top achiever in the digital content industry.

With more than 20 years of experience in the art and design industry, The One Academy has endlessly nurtured real talents at the pinnacle of creativity, which is why The One Academy students are no stranger to award-winning opportunities.

6 groups of students from The One Academy Digital Animation seized a places in Asiagraph 2013. 4 teams out of the 6 received the Winning Works title, which are The House by Flipped Table Production, Sword of Drastan by Wayward Goblins Productions, Zzz by Team LOLE and Circus Smirkus by Project Pau Production. On the other hand, the other 2 teams received Runner Up title, which are Exit by Rebel Banana and Death in D Minor by Dead Pixel.

When it comes to art directions, The One Academy students are taught to create idea-focussed works of art, by doing a lot of research and development into making sure that their end results meet international digital animation requirements. Every intricacy in artwork, style, animation, storyboard development and characterization has been put focussed on to make sure that a quality story comes to live.

One of the group members from the animation Circus Smirkus, shared that their work was majorly influenced by the character designs from Monster in Paris, along with cinematography and colour templates from Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda.

“We believe that what makes our work unique comes from the essence of our film. For instance, our concept, we have mixed and harmonised two different cultures from the East and the West by using popular animation elements from both cultures in the form of circus performers. The end product, we hope, is a smooth storyline,” the team shared.

Through this result, it has highlighted The One Academy’s teaching methodology of Masters Train Masters philosophy. It assures both students and lecturers that it is important to continue to hold on to their artistry and creativity so that they emerge as idea-focussed talents and produce world class animation artworks.