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Students Gained Insights From Field Experts
Updated 2013-10-17
In collaboration with Antalis, The One Academy was privileged to invite William Atyeo and Huang Ean Hwa as guest speakers for the recently held advertising & branding talk in hope of channelling inspiration to students whilst facilitating exchange of creativity.

The 2-session talk was initiated by William Atyeo followed with Huang Ean Hwa. William is the managing director of Momentum Design who possesses 25 years of advertising & branding experience. He is a hard core designer who began honing his skills in the areas of typography, graphic design and visual communication from small ad agencies. Hwa started his creative career working as a Paintbox artist in a post-production house some 20 years ago and rose along the way to become Malaysia’s youngest Executive Creative Director at the age of 29. In 2013, he set up an affiliate agency known as Merdeka LHS with his two other partners.

William started the talk by walking through with students on the definition of branding and the main characteristics revolving branding. He explained that building a brand is like building a relationship with your consumers as it requires more than just a catchy logo, slogan, design or packaging.

He emphasised that the importance of understanding how the consumers think and act as people are often intuitive and somewhat emotional when it comes to purchasing a good or service. “Music plays a part in radio ads, especially for corporate brands as selecting the right tune of background music helps communicating brand image to the back of the consumers’ mind,” quipped William.

Second session of the talk saw video sharing of Hwa’s portfolio with acclaimed clientele e.g. Proton, BFM radio and Twisties. Hwa started the session by stressing to students it is essential to know that what school teaches one may varies in the practical working world as one might need to think critically and act tactfully when dealing with fussy clients or understanding their critique. “You must know your own strengths whether it is design skill or idea conceptualisation and not afraid to speak up and defend your idea whenever necessary,” commented Hwa.

It is inevitable to avoid encountering issues or failures throughout the journey of perfecting one’s skills and expertise. Hwa pointed out that failures are a message that you are diverging from the well-travelled route. They are not a sign of weakness because a substantial part of creative thinking is not being afraid to fail. If you are not failing now and then, it is a sign that you are not trying anything very innovative. “Be prepared and to learn from mistakes, because from there you could turn obstacles into opportunities,” Hwa highlighted.

Being an educational institution that advocates idea thinking culture, The One Academy strongly believes that organising talk like this will continue to heightened students’ understanding as well as motivating them to accomplish their aspirations in the creative industry.