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Youths of Current Creative Culture Expressed via Thought-Provoking Art
Updated 2012-12-31

The Tanjong Heritage 2012 National Art Competition was held to celebrate the nation’s rich art culture & heritage. This opportunity attracted many creative students especially from The One Academy to participate in the challenge as this is the chance for them to flaunt their artistic abilities.

The competition was organized under Tanjong’s corporate social responsibility in preserving the field of arts & culture; the event was divided into 5 categories- oil & acrylic, charcoal, pencil and ink; water colour; print making and mixed media. 20 pieces of artwork out of 1, 168 entries were shortlisted to win and presented.

During the prize presentation, 4 students from The One Academy were awarded. The One Academy was one of the 17 institutions that participated in the challenge and won.

Illustration student Ellie Yong Sze Ching won first prize in the Water Colour Category for her submission entitled ‘A Childhood Friend’. Ellie described her artwork as portraiture of a happy Malaysian child with a hibiscus in her hair and colours from our national flag as the background. Ellie’s masterpiece took approximately two weeks to complete.

In the same category, second prize was taken home by Digital Animation student Yii Ting Fui for her artwork titled ‘Di Sebalik Wayang’ that portrayed the art of wayang kulit- Malaysia’s marionette. Yii’s entry has a strong meaning behind her artwork; it is inspired by the famous Malay proverb “bertepuk sebelah tangan tidak akan berbunyi”. Last but not least, Lai Poh Moon of Illustration major was rewarded Consolation prize for her work entitled ‘Old Medicine Man’s Home’.

On the other hand, another Illustration major Leong Sheng Yung was also awarded in the Charcoal, Pencil & Ink category, winning second prize for his transcendent artwork titled ‘Who Am I?’ He also received Consolation prize for his Mixed Media submission called ‘The Marriage’, which portrayed the Asian culture weddings using related elements. This double-entry took Leong 3 weeks to produce two stunning artworks that won the judges’ hearts.

In his artwork ‘Who Am I?’, Leong incorporated Eastern Religion elements such as Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism, and included the Islamic Geometrical shapes, Wayang Kulit, etc. to express his thoughts on humanity.

Although the objective of the competition is to preserve our nation’s art culture, nonetheless, part of its goal is also to recognize young up & coming artists in Malaysia ever since the competition first launched in 2001. This initiative is at par with The One Academy’s commitment in constantly nurturing youths to become our nation’s next creative leaders. Thumbs Up!