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Creative October Celebrates Interior Design Excellence
Updated 2012-12-31
Through enrichment programmes scheduled during the Creative October, students learned that inspiration can be sourced from anywhere, be it films, games, exhibitions, workshops and field trips, if we are observant.

In a festive mood, The One Academy’s Interior Design students assembled to celebrate the achievements of the past year, while learning new knowledge through various exciting events, such as sharings, talks, exhibitions and field trips.

Creative October was officiated by Eric Leong, the Head of Department who recently received a honorary doctorate in art from the Teesside University. In the keynote speech, he remarked that the Department of Interior Design was going from strength to strength, with students winning various awards.

Students from both Sunway and Penang campuses were given a treat to watch Inception, a movie with a story that hinges on the ability of architects to design buildings, neighbourhoods and even whole cities inside other people's dreams. Subsequently, Eric also officiated “S.EX”, the student exhibition that featured an array of marvelous masterpieces.

To promote sustainable living, President of environmental outreach initiative EcoKnights, Yasmin Rasyid gave a talk on the concept of "planned obsolescence". Instead of merely enhancing the aesthetics of the building interior, she encouraged interior designers to ponder on the the philosophy of designing physical objects, the built environment.

In line with the practical coaching approach espoused by the academy, a variety of events were organised for the benefit of students. A DIY T-Shirt Workshop ran by Pocotee Loh from Pocotee House was held in Sunway, while students in Penang had an enjoyable day in the batik factory, checking out the step by step batik printing through the traditional manual wax-resist dyeing technique. With wider exposure comes a more informed worldview, which surely will stimulate students’ creative and critical thinking.

To ensure comprehensive and balanced development, there was also a sharing on Lomography analogue photography by Pui Fun of Photo Crafts, and a talk on creative problem solving in Sunway. On the other hand, students in Penang had the opportunity to participate in photography sharing by renowned photographer Patrick Low, as well as a workshop on floral arrangement. Through enrichment programmes such as this, a vital principle is cultivated in the hearts and minds of students – inspiration can be sourced from anywhere, be it films, games, exhibitions, workshops and field trips, if we are observant.

Armed with the essential knowledge taught by the experienced lecturers, in accordance with the highly efficacious “Masters Train Masters” philosophy, students are able to enlist the creative elements from their daily life, and incorporate them into future projects. Small wonder why resourceful The One Academy students stand a chance to shine brighter in the global creative industry.