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Creatively Charmed by Cheeming Boey
Updated 2012-12-31

Talented Cheeming Boey swung by The One Academy to meet & greet the students and shared his two cents on pursuing a future in a creative field. Boey shared about the milestones of his life and career as an example to students.

Courtesy of MPH, The One Academy invited Boey for a session with the purpose of emphasizing on how artists can have a promising future despite the myth of only for those academically-inclined. The talk was in conjunction of Boey’s recently published illustrated book entitled ‘When I Was a Kid’ that contains his witty childhood memories of growing up in Malaysia & Singapore.

With 10 years of experience in the creative industry, Boey talked about how artists can make a living in today’s world. One of Boey’s experiences in the creative industry includes serving as a lead animator on the popular game Diablo 3 and WarCraft (Blizzard). However, his love for art has inspired him to produce a line of artwork on Styrofoam cups which has been well received by a large number of fans worldwide.

Throughout the sharing, Boey also added career and preparation tips before pursuing the working world such as; when to start compiling a portfolio or when is the best time to send out resumes to companies, and so on and so forth. As a student Boey started compiling his portfolio and sending out resumes to companies while he was still studying; this gave Boey the chance to ask advices from his lecturers whenever he failed in getting the job application.

The endearing sharing inspired students to strive and expand further not just in their studies but as an aspiring creative expert. The sharing also encouraged students to not limit themselves but develop expertise in various areas like Boey himself. When it comes to opportunities and dream careers, Boey motivated the students to seize them! He said “Go for your dream today. It’s just like commitments to diet. Half of the esteem is gone if decide to start only tomorrow.” Much like at The One Academy, we believe in cultivating the aspiring designers to stand in the frontline today.