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Innovative & Good Works Highlight Sparks Creative Juice
Updated 2012-12-31
The purpose of this exhibition was to kick start a wider discussion on the function of interactive apps, as well as to enlighten students on the benefits of furthering their studies.

By showcasing the best of Interactive Media Design undergraduates’ inventions, students are inspired to be creative in designing more wonderful apps. It was also a testimony of the awesome capability students of The One Academy’s Bachelor programmes are equiped with.

Innovative & Good Works Highlight, the unique exhibition organised by The One Academy Multimedia Degree Programme was held throughout the month of September 2012 and curated in the Library.

This mini exhibition was set up with the intention of killing several birds with one stone. Firstly, the students could gain valuable encouragement and criticism by displaying their brainchild for public appreciation. Secondly, the exhibition also aimed to spark the passion and ideas among the student to produce quality multimedia applications with practicality and versatility.

With the advent of various devices, the sky is the limit for application functionality, therefore there is a pressing need to kick start an intense discussion on the broader possibilities of digital contents, and the mini exhibition is one small step towards this goal.

Many ingenious applications were featured in the exhibition, which surely would stimulate creative and critical thinking among students. Besides, it also inspired the diploma students to evaluate the success and benefit of furthering their study by enrolling in the bachelor degree programmes offered by The One Academy in collaboration with affiliated universities such as the University of Hertfordshire.

Rated Excellent for its teaching quality by the UK Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), University of Hertfordshire proudly boasts 150 years of educational excellence. Its programmes such as BA (Hons) in Interactive Media Design, Graphic Design, as well as Interior Architecture and Design are recognised globally for their market-driven syllabus.

With function of these apps on display ranged from cultivating public interest in knowledge, to improving the quality of inter-personal communication, it is hardly surprising that The One Academy’s emphasis on its highly efficient “Masters Train Masters” pedagogy, together with the distinctive education offered by the affiliated institutions, has realised the dreams of many to spearhead a flourishing career in art and design.