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Dulux Emerging Talent Award Runner-up Inspired By Morning Glory
Updated 2012-11-09
Perseverance and hard work has born fruit for young Siok Kim, who in turn gained a boost of confidence through winning competitions.

How to create a dining design based on natural elements? Ling Siok Kim from The One Academy designed a pop-up café which resembled morning glory in various aspects, and was chosen as as the runner-up in the recent Dulux Emerging Talent Award 2012 for her profound creativity.

As the leading art and design institution that spearheads the industry-driven syllabus and practical coaching approach, The One Academy students acquire substantially more problem solving ability and become familiarised with industry best practices even before graduation. Interior Design students Ling Siok Kim’s emergence as a winner in the Dulux Emerging Talent Award (DETA) 2012, underscores the fact that hard work and out-of-the-box thinking are the essential keys to success.

One of the condition set by the organiser was that participants must based their designs on natural elements, such as floral or vegetation motifs. With this in mind, Siok Kim designed a pop-up café, in which the components’ designs can trace their root to different parts of a morning glory. For example, the kitchen resembled flower pedals, the menu approximated leaves, while tables and chairs mirrored ladybirds.

Through contesting, Siok Kim also became aware of her own strengths and weaknesses. To succeed, one must be mindful in many aspects besides creativity, first and foremost being time management. Those who can execute ideas fast and sharp will reap the harvest by eclipsing the rest. Eventhough as a “Ninja” in her batch of ID1001, Siok Kim was already attending additional classes, recognition from nationwide contests is still a boost of confidence.

Held for the third consecutive year by AkzoNobel, the manufacturer of ICI Dulux paints, DETA 2012 saw participation by over 400 Interior Design students from 17 universities and colleges all over Malaysia. The three themes in DETA 2012 were Appreciating the past - dedicated to the commercial design of a display space, Embracing the present - designing a dining space, and Answering the future, dedicated to an office space. One winner and two runners-up were chosen from each category.

With the themes kept secret until the actual competition day itself, participants were tested on their ability to execute their spontaneous outburst of creative ideas within the timeframe allocated, by producing 2D or 3D sketches, and rendering them with ICI Dulux paints.

As shortlisted participants were invited to present their design to the judges, and be evaluated based on an array of qualities such as uniqueness, rationale, sustainability, optimum use of materials as well as clarity of presentation, the winners had to prove themselves as deserving versatile all-rounder.

Jubilant and triumphant, Siok Kim who previously enrolled in a cabin crew training recounted her reason for changing track. “I was inspired by an interior design show on TV,” she said. Since then, there was no looking back. For her, everything surrounding us can be inspirational. The wider one’s exposure is, the more creative one becomes. She hopes to further her study after graduating from the diploma course, and be a concept designer eventually. Her advice to peers? “Never bow to challenges, and persevere in your endeavour for success!”

With students scoring multiple awards and medals in a wide variety of competitions, students can be assured that the creative education offered by The One Academy, under the highly-admired “Masters Train Masters” philosophy, will never disappoint any resourceful, perseverant and earnest student.