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The One Academy Students Designed Winning Logos With International Standard
Updated 2012-11-09
The One Academy winners group shot with the prize presenters & lecturers.

Recently, 4 out of 10 advertising & graphic design students from The One Academy bagged cash prizes at the Swiss Embassy Logo Design prize presentation, with a total whopping of RM5, 000 cash prize was given away to the winners of the selected logos. An exclusive luncheon was also held in conjunction of the ceremony, followed by the prize presentation ceremony.

Presenting the prizes to the winners was Dr. Rolf Lenz- Ambassador of the Embassy of Switzerland and Mr. Chan Kon Loong- Head of The One Academy Advertising & Graphic Design department.

The Champion of the day was seized by Cheong Hui Ni, who won RM2, 000 cash prize for her winning profound logo entitled- Beyond Boundaries. 2nd Prize of RM1, 500 was bagged by Juliana Lee for her logo- Expand Perspective, followed by 3rd Prize Chung Xin Yee received RM1, 000 for her Enduring Spark logo design and finally, Kong Yen Jean who received Consolation of RM500 for her logo entitled Conjunctive Fire.

Other important guests who witnessed the prestigious moment are Dato’ CQ Teo- Executive Chairman of KDU, Dr. Tan Hui Leong- Deputy Vice Chancellor of KDU, Mr. Liu Cheng Chong- Deputy President of Soka Gakkai Malaysia, Mr. Franz Swoboda- General Manager of Royale Chulan, Mr. Timothy Tsukamoto- General Manager of Malaysian Philharmonic, and respective members of the media.

These students claimed their recognition for their reflective logos designed to commemorate the 50 years of diplomatic relationship between Switzerland and Malaysia. The logos were carefully selected and analyzed by the Embassy of Switzerland to portray the message of unity between two cultured countries.

The logo design project was led by The One Academy advertising industry-experienced lecturer, Ms. Debbie Chin. The effort was initiated to design the logo based on the subject of Single Minded Proposition, otherwise known as SMP. Students were required to design a logo that would best portray the two countries relationship while incorporating the countries’ elements to signify their strengths and goals.

The champion, Cheong Hui Ni described her ‘Beyond Boundaries’ logo as a concept that best signifies the two countries striving forward together. Her design consist of 4 of Malaysia’s traditional kite- the Wau, pointing in different directions. However, the red and blue colour incorporated in the kite is merged to depict the combined ties of both countries moving forward without limitations and boundaries.

Cheong explained that, in the process of designing the logo from scratch, she has learned and gained more than she could imagine. As it may seemed like just a simple task, it turned out to be quite a fruitful experience because it involved a lot of research to understand both countries, especially Switzerland and her cultures & traditions.

“With the limited knowledge I have about both Malaysia and Switzerland’s relationship, I had to research a lot to understand. I also seek for my lecturer’s advice too. However, the most important thing is that I’ve learned never to give up easily regardless of what the circumstances could have been. I’ve learned that giving up is not an option; therefore always believe that we have to finish what we’ve started.” The winning logo is expected to be used for future corporate events held by the client in year 2013.

As for the other winners, they have produced a logo that strongly reflects the ties between Switzerland and Malaysia with the element of Malaysia’s Hibiscus flower instead.

The purpose of this project is to provide industry exposure for students to understand the requirements of professional clients and to produce results that would meet industry standards. This learning experience would enable students to develop an understanding for the audience, and enhance their thinking & conceptual knowledge to help their potential clients solve complex design problems with effective communication ideas.

This is because, The One Academy fully emphasize on educating young aspiring designers to not only be constrained by execution and conventional boundaries of communication, but also advance themselves in innovative hands-on marry with creative thinking abilities.

It is always The One Academy’s priority in ensuring that students will become successful talents who can play a role in communication, design and culture. With this aim, The One Academy constantly provides industry exposures to heighten students to a world-class level.