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Exquisite Frankenweenie Sketches Attest To Students’ Exceptional Artistic Talents
Updated 2012-11-09
Scoring a milestone in their lifelong journey of art, Ting Fui (left), King Yaw (middle) and Chyao Ling (right) returned from the competition with extra recognition and boosted self-confidence.

In conjunction with the release of Frankenweenie, Walt Disney’s latest film, brilliant students from colleges around the Klang Valley were invited to sketch the main character – Sparky. The One Academy’s Soon King Yaw emerged as the Champion, while Yii Ting Fui and Kong Chyao Ling also brought home consolation prizes.

Frankenweenie Live Sketching Competition was a collaboration between Wall Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Malaysia and Staedtler Malaysia, and was held on the premier night of this stop-motion animated film. Participants were required to complete the sketching of Sparky using Wopex 2B pencils.

The participants were advised to sketch by following a given image and “stay true as much as possible”, yet they were also encouraged to be creative in making their artworks unique. This turned out to be a dilemma for some participants, and judgement of to what extent they should be creative proved to be vital.

Each of the three winners from The One Academy found different ways to highlight their uniqueness. King Yaw was inspired by the Frankenweenie movie trailer and re-styled the typography of movie title, while Ting Fui, inspired by the water taxis in Mines Shopping Fair, added distinct flavours into the sketch. On the other hand, Chyao Ling, who hailed from an artist family, applied strong colour tones to distinguish her sketch from the rest.

To concentrate while sketching in an open space, where members of the public hovered around and even freely commented on the sketches, was a challenge to many participants. Fortunately, the contestants from The One Academy were furnished with various essential techniques. For one, they meticulously strategised and allocated time for different tasks, such as sketching, shading and rendering. The One Academy students are also more skillful in accomplishing works, allowing them to perform as competently regardless of the surrounding.

Be it champion or consolation prizes, winning awards from open contests is certainly recognition of capabilities. Not only it boosts self-confidence, it has assured students like King Yaw that they had made the right choice, by enrolling in The One Academy, where students are thoughtfully coached by experts, as the “Masters Train Masters” philosophy aspires.

For students pursuing a career in the creative field, the winners have something to share too. Chyao Ling stated that art is never an easy journey, more so since everyone has different ways of expression, not many would recognise the outcome of one’s effort, thus artists must strive hard and stay firm. Ting Fui, who is a finalist in Tanjong Heritage Competition 2012 and an adept martial arts practitioner, suggested to students that whenever frustrated or demoralised, try to recollect one’s ideals and dreams, the reasons why one enrolled in art school. For King Yaw, one must learn everything instead of just cherry-picking the parts that one enjoys, and give a hundred percent effort in all endeavours.