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The First Degree Show Marks Success!
Updated 2012-09-12

At The One Academy Degree Show 2012, 25 degree students’ stands forefront as the first graduating batch in The One Academy’s degree course in affiliation with University of Hertfordshire. The prominent 4-day graduation show showcased works from Graphic Design, Illustration and Multimedia design. The show’s success was the result of the advanced knowledge gained during their studies.

The successful graduation show gave the degree students a chance to exhibit their artistic talents with aesthetic elements. This is because, during the three years, the degree course emphasizes on the importance of students obtaining critical thinking skills along with idea-development.

The first grand graduating show was held at a high-end ultramodern venue- Black Box, Publika, Kuala Lumpur. The artistic architecture of the location completes the objective of the graduation show along with its exhibited creative works.

During the opening night, invited guests and professionals from the industry were awed at the exhibited works, and soon follow through with exchanging introductions. Professionals from the industry regarded the graduates’ works as high-quality and creative concept. The proud first graduating batch of students received endless compliments from guests and professionals, anticipating them to be part of the lucrative industry.

The One Academy offers prominent UK 3+0 degree programmes in affiliation with the University of Hertfordshire; rated as the Highest (Excellent) for its learning and teaching quality by the UK Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). With programmes offered such as BA (Hons) Interactive Media design, Graphic Design & Interior Architecture and Design, students will receive internationally recognized design education with industry-driven syllabuses to meet today’s market demands.

The course encourages students to advance their base knowledge of art & design, be it in the areas of interactive media application, visual communication or creating a functional space. Students gain, develop and demonstrates their knowledge, understanding and skill in each subject; they have also learned how to keep abreast with emerging technologies interfaces, enhanced effective communication ideas, as well as learn to extract design elements from cultural features.

The collaboration with University of Hertfordshire to provide major courses as such, matches perfectly with The One Academy ‘Masters Train Masters’ methodology. Its prestigious UK partner with 150 years of design education experience possesses a strong international reputation for business savvy and student-driven teaching philosophy. Thus, both institutions emphasizes in incorporating practical-teaching approach to prepare students to conquer the creative arena.