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The One Academy Multimedia Starlites Shines Bright
Updated 2012-09-12

Organized by The One Academy Multimedia Design faculty, the Multimedia Starlites is an annual exhibition held at The One Academy Bandar Sunway. This time themed ‘Beyond Basic’, the annual Starlites went on for 2 weeks long, showcasing the best multimedia works and industry expert sharing.

Highlighting the unique cross between design and technology, Starlites event aims to create awareness and creativity among the students. The objective is also to bring the understanding of Multimedia Design to another level with hopes that students will be able to gain an insightful experience with the activities, sharing and exhibition works provided.

As the future multimedia designers of this digital age, the idea is also to bridge the gap between the two elements to emphasize to students the passion that they have for multimedia can go beyond boundaries to create an innovative design. After all, the demand for technology and internet has reflected in society’s basic need as part of their daily lives.

Students whom have participated in the event built a strong connection with other course mates as well as with the Multimedia Design faculty team; all that was involved exchanged experiences. Part of the event includes field trips an outdoor classroom environment, for students to be up-to-date with the latest industry developments, trends and culture. Other on-goings includes fun outdoor activities where students learned to develop team-building to improve cooperation and communication.

During the talks and seminars, there were industry experts invited to enlighten students in the related-field and how they can expand their career path for a lucrative future. Among the industry experts invited this time were Tan Soon Liang- Digital Director of Vizeum Media Services (, Muid Latiff-Behance Malaysia Ambassador ( and Chuan Looi-Renowned Fashion & Editorial Photographer in Asia (Yipie Yaya).

The practical approach conducted during the significant event helped students gain understanding on the importance of passion and how to handle issues faced as an aspiring designer. In lined with The One Academy’s Masters Train Masters teaching philosophy, students gain not just opportunities but exposure as well when learning beyond classroom. These exposures will motivate students to strive forward into establishing a strong platform for themselves in the creative industry.