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Y U NO Process Design Speaker Series & Exhibition
Updated 2012-09-12

The exclusive Y U NO Process Design Speaker Series & Exhibition was proudly organized by Advertising & Graphic Design Department for art & design professionals and young aspiring students to leap forward in the inspiring creative art & design industry.

The talented lecturers successfully held a creatively inspiring event, FIRST in Malaysia to provide talks by local & international speakers to share on the process of design, execution and creative thinking; focusing particularly in the areas of creative art, design & visual communication.

Aiming to be the most anticipated happening in today’s creative culture, the event attracted designers and students from around Klang Valley. The One Academy Penang students were also present too. The event aimed to be a design platform to gather creative experts and aspiring designers to meet & build networks, discuss topics on design ideas, concepts, opportunities and issues faced by young designers in the Malaysia Design community.

During the 2-day seminar, participants attended the sharing and are also welcome to gaze at the amazing exhibited works that showcased how excellent design works are generated and its process from start to end. With hopes that they too may be motivated to produce good designs alike, the exhibition was put together by the talented organizers; the props was designed, crafted and displayed in detail.

The 9 local & international speakers were Ken-Tsai Lee (Taiwan), Jeff Orr (Malaysia), Wong Chee Chung (Malaysia), Kelvin Lai (Beijing), Javin Mo (Hong Kong), Alexdrina Chong (Malaysia), Luk Chee Chew (Malaysia), Amy Ng (Malaysia) and Sweii & Teck Yew from Oh & Ah (Malaysia). The speakers ignited the creative spark with their aesthetic sharing on creative advertising & visual communications and how to maintain the motivation via constructive criticism to further themselves. They were enlightened on creativity & design in a whole new level, especially in creating designs with functional solution and culture influence in social & political areas. Included was also an advice on how to expand their existing creative culture knowledge in visual branding a design processes that will help build their portfolios.

This event is at par with The One Academy’s coaching philosophy ‘Masters Train Masters’, especially in providing students learning opportunities with professional speakers. It is The One Academy’s effort in upholding an idea thinking culture to inspire students with creative thinking abilities that will help them realize their creative potential.