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Crowbar 2012 Award Seized Again!
Updated 2012-09-12

A group of five Multimedia Design graduates recently bagged Silver Award in the prestigious Crowbar 2012 for both categories- Experimental Film/Animation and Best Editing centered on their short film video entitled ‘Occasions’. The multimedia design graduates submitted the award-winning work during their final semester last year, created with initiative to showcase their creativity in short film-making.

Graduates Koh Liang Sheng, Chuah Xit Zheng, Chang Xin Zhe, Low Ooi Teik and Ho Keng Huang are aspiring short film-makers who developed a passion in experimental film making & editing during their studies in The One Academy Multimedia Design course. These aspirants were eager to apply what they have learned as students and decided to create another short film to participate in the recent Crowbar Awards.

Crowbar Awards is a platform designed for young creative aspirants to showcase their best works. The prestigious competition is organized by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Sinagpore (4As) and is held annually. It is the best stepping stone for creative aspirants as seizing a place in the event would surely make a mark in the creative industry, let alone be recognized by the professionals.

The Silver Award video entry delivered an extraordinary message to create public awareness. An experimental project, ‘Occasions’ is a down-to-earth and contemporary short film aimed to encourage audience to ‘Stop Littering’.

The short film Occasions tells a story about a young man, who goes to work every day as part of his daily routine, also meets a girl who uses the same route as him. Every morning on his way to work, the young man finishes his can drink of instant coffee and litters on the ground. His action agitates the girl while she had to pick up after him. While this happened every day, the young man had gotten used to the girl’s presence there on his way to work every morning. Until one day, she stopped; her absence had triggered him feeling clueless and finally he stopped littering. However, the girl appears again in the end with two cans of coffee- a sign of friendship and affection.

In the short film, the group incorporated comical but endearing elements that simply tell the audience that it is the little things in life that can make a difference to your daily routine. While the group also attempted to experiment with different filming styles, nonetheless the team did a good job with the cinematography. They have successfully produced a balanced composition whilst adding on little sound effects that was recorded separately as the film was non-dialogue and non-narrated.

Congratulations to the Team of Occasions! With another award bagged, this achievement is a proven World-Class Result!