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Students Gained Insight from Rhythm & Hues Studios Workshop
Updated 2012-06-08

The One Academy has specially invited an industry professional from award-winning visual effects studio Rhythm & Hues to conduct a one-day ‘3D Modelling for Production’ masterclass at campus, in collaboration with the MSC Malaysia Animation Creative Content Centre (MAC3).

The masterclasses held aim to provide firsthand information of current best practices and inside knowledge from some of the most skilled and experienced digital artists from the industry. They offer participants a chance to broaden their minds into areas of animation and visual effects they were not previously involved in but were interested to know more about, or to deepen their understanding in disciplines they’re already in.

3D modeller Rishikesh Nandlaskar arrived at The One Academy to deliver his expertise to the participants. He has been with Rhythm & Hues Studios as a lead modeller for the last 6 years and has over 10 years of advertising, gaming and VFX modelling experience. He was involved in the movie ‘The Golden Compass’ which won an Oscar for best Visual Effects. Some of his personal works has won awards on ‘CGSociety’ and CgHub.

According to Rishikesh, being a 3D modeller means that you can find many career opportunities in the rewarding creative industry with specialisation on areas such as in the visual effects (VFX) for feature-length movies and animations, gaming, TV commercial, toys and merchandises, ornament designing and more.

Throughout the workshop session, participants get an overview of the 3D modeling workflow at Rhythm & Hues; from the production pipeline down to how multiple departments in an organisation work among themselves within the studios. Besides giving the participants an idea on how a typical day looks like for a modeller in Rhythm & Hues, Rishikesh also advised the students to manage their time better to study and practice, choose the right model to work on and be motivated.

Students also get exclusive tips on how to improve their modelling skills and keep themselves motivated through willingness to accept constructive critiques, update their existing skills, keep building their portfolio and take part in competitions to challenge themselves. “Keep studying the anatomy subject and explore different areas related. Because we would always model after what we know and see we should remember that to become an artist is a process, not an achievement. So keep learning!” said Rishikesh.